Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Day 21 - Still

Since I am still in the same day, I'm counting this as a continuation of Day 21.  Because I have completed my original goal I will no longer be numbering my posts, but I will still be posting daily without trying to miss any.

This morning our gate manager called to say he needed to move us to another gate.  The people that are on the gate now are older and can't handle the gate.  So, we are switching with them.  Or so the story goes.

Sunday was a pretty busy day, with trucks, equipment and workers coming in to setup and start the fracking on Bohannan and trucks, equipment and the rig going out to another site from Nomac.  We remained outside with the gate open since the traffic was pretty constant.

In any case, we will be moving around noon tomorrow to about 3 miles east of here.  We will be at a gate by ourselves and Dianna and I will miss having each other to talk to and ride into town with.  They will also be moving within the week.   But they don't know where yet.

I just went outside to let a truck in and after it left a wild pig and its baby came wandering by.  On the other side of the fence of course.  I didn't get a picture because I was trying not to move so I wouldn't scare them away. They trotted away down the fence line and into the dark.

Here are some other pictures for you though.
Snickers helping Dave

A buck came to visit

Mike and Dianna on their side of the fence

And the cows came to visit

and a Bobcat
All that in one evening.

That all took me about 30 minutes.  Between the slow download speed and the 7 HUGE cold tubing trucks I just had to sign in, that's how my night has been.


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