Sunday, November 27, 2011

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Day 19

I had to go back and look to make sure that was right. I can't believe I am only 2 posts away.  Seems like the blog time has flown by.  I guess I'll have to set a new goal since my kids have enjoyed reading every day.  I've got two days to think about it and I'm sure I can come up with one.

Anyway, since those of you who are not gate guards wonder what kind of place we are camped out in, here are a few pictures.
Looking NE, gate is to the left

That's the generator/light tower on the left and the water tank on the right

Water tank and our Dish TV Dish

The truck parked between the trailer and the light tower.
That other trailer is Dianna and Mike's...just on the other
side of the fence

This is driving Dave crazy

Dirty Dirty Truck!
See all that red dirt?  It makes fine red dust and mucky yucky mud and a terrible mess either way.

Now, here's some shots from today of things moving in and out.
Here it comes

There it is! The long long trailer!

It took them 3 tries to get it out the gate.  Tomorrow (Sunday) they will be moving the drilling rig out and we hear it is longer and wider...should be interesting...yes, we will take pictures.

On a different note.  Sunday is Dave's and my 35th anniversary.  We were going to go down to Laredo for dinner, but with Nomac 3 moving out and Bohannan fracking moving in yesterday and today we couldn't really go and leave the gate to Dianna and Mike and not feel guilty.  We will go at a later date, just don't know when yet.

I'm off to bed after this.  I haven't had anything in or out the gate since around midnight and don't really expect anything else tonight.  Hmmmm sleeping at the same time.  There's a new concept!

SHOUTOUT:  To my brother Mark and his girlfriend Mitch.  About time!!

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