Monday, November 21, 2011


Day 15

I don't know what else to use as a title.  Not much went on at all.  We probably had our busiest 24 hours.  Four sheets of logs.  That's 88 or more ins and outs today.  I can hear the other gate guards out there..."You call that busy?"  Not exactly.  I know it's fixing to get way busy...Fracking starts in about a week.  On both well sites.  I hear it's very busy during fracking.

I got up too early.  8:30.  That's only 5 hours of sleep and I'm feeling it tonight.  I'm about ready to sleep while I'm typing.  Conveniently, just about the time I can't stay awake anymore, another truck shows up at the gate.  About every 20 minutes or so.

Still haven't seen any snakes, much to Dave's relief.  Of course haven't seen anything but cows, wild pigs and trucks.  Lots of trucks.

We had to order a new water pump.  Ours sounds like it's sounding the death knoll and seems like it only works when it feels like it.  Not good in the middle of a shower!  Paid the exorbitant extra fee to have it delivered in two days so we would have it before Thanksgiving.

I bought a turkey breast to cook for Thanksgiving dinner and then I heard from our manager that he is bringing us turkeys tomorrow.  Fine with me.  I love turkey sandwiches.

Ok, I'm off of here.  Goodnight all!

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