Saturday, November 12, 2011

Sleep and Stuff

Day 8

Ok, got almost 7 hours of sleep this morning, so I hope that means that tonight I will get a full 7 hours.  It would be nice.  I at least felt a lot better today.

Here's a few more pictures
A wild Pig.  Good thing it's on the other side of the fence!

Dave, Mike and the girls

Dave Working the Gate

Bringing in mobile homes for bunkhouses for the crew on the new well  at Diana and Mike's gate
One of the crew from Rig 3 who came back in the gate tonight said to keep an eye out for bobcats.  Well I guess that makes my wandering around outside at 2am a little more interesting.

So the list to watch out for: Rattlesnakes, especially the young ones, wild pigs and  bobcats.  Hmmmmm.  Apparently young rattlesnakes are most likely to strike and when they bite, they don't let go.  Mature rattlesnakes still bite, but they strike and then let go.  Not going near either one!

Diana mentioned tonight that dogs can get a vaccination for rattlesnake bites.  Might look into that since the dogs are the only ones around here rooting around in the bushes.  (besides the pigs)

It was beautiful out today.  Sunny and got up to 80.  I can still go outside with no jacket on, but I imagine later I will at least need a long sleeve flannel.  It was a little more windy today than the first few days we were here.  Still not bad though.

I wonder if Sunday will bring less traffic or more.  The crew that go out seem to do it between 6 and 7 and then come back anywhere from 9 pm to 1 am.  I'm pretty sure they work 7 days a week, so probably will still have them going out at their usual times.  I have 2 out yet tonight, so when they get back in I'm probably done for the night and can snooze in the chair.  Yeah, right.

The 3 trucks I had come in early all seemed to be real chatty.  One guy said the road into here is kind of scary....very dark and about 2 miles long and since they have to go 10 miles an hour it makes it an even longer drive.

Ok, I have nothing else for tonight.  Just watching TV, reading a book on my Nook and boiling some eggs for a sandwich and extras for Dave in the morning.

SHOUTOUT:  to Dan and Eleanor.  We're sorry we missed you in Ft. Worth, Dan and Eleanor, lunch in June!

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