Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caught up

Day 14

Caught up.  As in the sleep we haven't been getting caught up to us today.  First Dave took a heavy nap and then I took a heavy nap.  2 1/2 hours worth.  I know I felt better afterwards.

Ok kids.  I have pictures tonight.  Hopefully they won't take forever to download.
These are all Halliburton trucks coming in to do the cement work.  There were 5 of them.

As far as I can understand, the crew is done with the drilling.  Next comes putting cement down the, over 8000 ft hole, around the drill casing.  Then they will tear everything down, start what they call "the makeover" and then in a few weeks the fracking crew will be in.  I'm not sure what the makeover involves, but I think it's finishing the tear down, cleaning up the site and installing these things:
Not much else going on today.  My night has been busy.  Lots of trucks, equipment and workers coming and going.

I was discussing with Dave this morning that I'm kind of an antsy person and the most difficult part of this for me is not being able to just hop in the truck and go somewhere.  Of course, even when I could, there really is no place to go.  We've been in Cotulla enough times to know there is not much there.  I think my next excursion may be into Carizzo Springs just to see what's there.  I hear there's a Walmart!  It's West of here about 39 miles.  Cotulla is East about 12 miles.

Well, Dave just got up for his shift, (it's 2:50 am) so I'm off to bed.

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  1. You might wish to try the Super Walmart in Pearsall, north of Cotulla. The Walmart in Carrizo is just a small neighborhood store, very stuffed to the gills with little variety. You would be disappointed.


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