Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Got a Gate!

Day 6

Wow!  What a whirlwind day!  Called our gate manager this morning about 11:30 and he still didn't have anything, so we decided to go ahead and pay through the weekend.  He had to hang up because he had another call. As I was walking back in the door, Dave and I noticed I had a missed call.  It was the gate manager calling to say he had a gate and we needed to be there as soon as possible today! The people calling him when he had to get off with me were the people we will be replacing!

Apparently these people who were at the gate have no electricity in their rig and have to take it to get repaired.  Since they were leaving Dec 15th anyway they decided to go ahead and leave now.

So I went back up to the office and they gave me a refund for all but tonight.  Very nice people at the Ft. Sam Houston RV Park.  While I ran to put fuel in the truck and go to the commissary, Dave packed up the house.  Shoot, the diesel pump (the only one on post) ran sooooo slow.  I was standing there a good 20 minutes.  I wasn't even in the commissary THAT long.

When I got back, Dave pretty much had everything ready to go and within 20 minutes or so we hit the road.  That was about 2:00.  We arrived just outside of Cotulla, TX right around 4:00.  The old gate guards quickly got us up to speed on what we have to do and the rules and off they went.   Right away we are checking vehicles in and out...maybe one every 10 minutes or so.  Most of them are guys that live at the rig and are just running into town.  Now we are just waiting for them to come back.

We are at a 2nd gate...meaning that there is a gate right at the road with 2 other gate guards and then 2 or so miles down the road is us.  Also there is another gate right next to us.  Of course there is a tall fence between us, but we are virtually right next to each other.  They are Mike and Diana.  Seem like nice people and look to be around our age.  I'm sure we will get to know each other well over the next few months.

We are parked and set up, plugged into water and power.  We will get things arranged tomorrow and over the next few days.  Two problems:
The light tower/generator.  It is pretty close to the backside of the trailer (on the kitchen side)and the exhaust blows right under the trailer and out right under the door.  It's gonna have to move...but that's for tomorrow.
Cell Phone Service.  We don't have any.  This is an AT&T area, so I will be running into town tomorrow and getting a cheap phone and month to month service.

Now, internet is working pretty good.  That's with our Verizon aircard, a Wilson antenna and a signal booster.  It's moderate service but it works.  We think we will be getting a panel antenna, then we can aim it directly at the cell tower and we "should" get a stronger pull in of the signal.  But, no pictures for now.  They take too long to upload.

I'm just glad I have SOME way to communicate...It's amazing how attached we have become of being in touch.  I can remember resisting cell phones for a long time because I didn't want anyone to be able to get in touch with me at anytime. Now look at us.  :)

We have tentatively decided I will work until 4 am and then Dave will get up and I'll go to bed for my 7 hours.  We will both be up and sharing work from about Noon until he will need to go to bed at 8 or 9.  That's where he is now.  He doesn't know if he'll be able to sleep.  The generator is loud, but the more annoying thing is the vibration.  Hopefully when we move it, it won't be so bad.

OK, off for now.  Made it to day 6, only 15 more to go to have a new good habit.

SHOUTOUT:  to my kids....sure do miss you!


  1. Miss you momma! -Love Caitlin (had to post as anonymous for it to work!)

  2. Wow sounds crazy. I'll be interested to see pics of the surroundings, hear about Cotulla, your work schedule and all that. Love you guys and miss you alot

  3. Hi ... we are getting our first gate tomorrow. We are going to Shreveport, Louisiana. Love the title of your blog. Perhaps we will be able to compare notes later!


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