Monday, November 14, 2011

I believe

Day 8

I believe, that the love of two people for each other CAN conquer anything.
I believe, in the love of a parent for a child and vice a versa.
I believe, we all do have a purpose and that is to live our life as we believe it should be lived
I believe, we all owe each other something...even if it is only a little respect
I believe, grandchildren make us whole, make us catch our breath and give us joy
I believe, that no matter how old our children get, they are still our babies
I believe, in the strength of friendship
I believe, in the idea of fairies, leprechauns and Santa Claus

There are more, but that's enough for now.  I decided I wanted to focus on the glass half full instead of half empty for a change.  Too often, I think, we get stuck in the quagmire of disagreement, dissension or what we don't believe in.  It's a rut, but one we can change.

Tonight seems longer than usual, probably because there has been little traffic through the gate.  And nothing in the last 4 hours.  I've busied myself on the internet, watched a movie (Dragonheart), watched the nightly feeding of the bats and generally didn't really do much of anything.

Mike and Diana's gate was busy today as they were bringing in all the equipment for the rig.  They will be even busier tomorrow.  Road gravel (300 loads) and graders coming in, the rest of the stuff for the rig and the people who will work there.  Dave and I relax in our lawn chairs and watch it all come and go.

Today I made flight reservations for our Caitie to come for Christmas.  I'm excited for her to come and visit and spend the holiday with us.  She will be getting out of here in plenty of time to party with her friends for New Years and to spend some time with Adrienne and Sean and all her nieces and nephews.

I received Christmas wish emails from Sean's kids and just loved them.

Hi Nana this is Destiny typing. School's going great this year and I miss you a lot. Thank you for the post cards, some of the places on them look really cool. I can't wait till Christmas this year some of the things I want are a guitar, a dry erase board, and an MP3 player. love Destiny

Hi Nana i hope you  are having a grate time in Texas. I love the post cards you gave us.and  i am sad you can't come for Christmas.but i hope you have a great Christmas there. some of the things i want are teacup piggies fer real friends new born baby erica

And finally, Jacob:
 I am writing for Jacob, but I am going to write what he says so try not to get  

Hi Nana and Papa. I miss  you. I have been a really good boy. And that's all. Love you.

What he would like for Christmas is, Transformers, Beyblades & Stadium, and a Remote Control Truck.

I guess Nana and Papa will have to see what they can do.

Ok, I'm off for now.

SHOUTOUT: to my brother Mark.  Tacos! you are too funny.

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