Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skittles, Pigs and Illegal Aliens

Day 11 (over halfway....woot woot!!)

Last night, shortly after I finished my blog entry, Skittles (my dog) and I went outside.  I didn't look before we went out, like I usually know....for snakes and stuff.   Before I could even get the door closed, Skittles took off like a rocket.  She's pretty fast when she wants to be.  There was a pig across the road and she was pretty upset there was a fence between her and it.  Of course, as soon as she got to the fence the pig took off.  She paced along it for a quite awhile just hoping it would come back.  It didn't.  So now every time she goes out the door she goes right to the fence looking for it.  We used to get them riled up saying "find the squirrel, find the squirrel!"  Now it's "find the pig, find the pig!"  One of these nights she'll see another one and once again look for that hole in the fence.

I went into Cotulla this afternoon to pick up our prescriptions.  On the way back I stopped at the first gate to chat with Debbie.  She and her husband, Robert are the gate guards at the gate right off the highway.  Anyway, right before I went in, a border patrol car and a highway trooper went in and turned left.  Debbie gave me the number to the border patrol officer to call if I see any "walkers".  Apparently they said someone had dropped of some "walkers" on the ranch.  I haven't seen them, but I am keeping the gate closed tonight and the door locked and one or both of the dogs goes out with me.  Maybe soon it will be "find the "walker", find the "walker"!"

I had to wake Dave up a little while ago.  I hated to do it, but the wind picked up pretty substantially and the shelter we had set up out front was about to blow away.  I couldn't get it down by myself, sooooooo.  Anyway, we got it down and he's back  in bed.  

Nothing else exciting today.  Just another day at the gate.  Oh, except, I finally have hummingbirds at the feeder I put out 5 days ago.   Just in time for me to change the syrup because it's been in the sun too many days.

Sorry, no pictures again.  The road is still not in good enough shape for the big heavy trucks, so none came in today.

SHOUTOUT:  To The Country Stampede!  They are announcing their 2012 lineup tomorrow and I'm sure, as always, that it will be a great one.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out! We've been busy today and people are excited. I love hearing your stories!! Very interesting stuff going on in Cotulla! Love you guys


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