Friday, November 25, 2011

Big Trucks and Dust

Day 18 

Yes, even though I skipped yesterday, I'm still counting.  I deserved a day off, so I took it.  It was Thanksgiving after all.

Anyway, I have some pictures for you tonight.  This first one is from Wednesday night after the wind died down.  The dust the trucks kicked up just hung there.
Not fog...dust!
The next few pictures are of the big equipment that came in today.  They passed the trucks going out from the well that is done drilling and moving the equipment out.




IN and OUT

Dave said I should drive down and look at the two well sites.  I had once before been to Nomac 3, but hadn't seen Bohannan C1H yet.  Nomac 3 is the one that's done drilling and moving all the equipment out.  Bohannan had previously finished drilling and move out the week before we got here.  Bohannan will be starting the fracking process on Monday and that is what all the BIG equipment is coming in for.
Here is a shot at Nomac 3 and the workers and cranes taking down the drilling rig.

And this is the Bohannan site.  It's just a staging area now.  That red pipe thingy is the well and is what they will attach the equipment to in order to do the fracking.  At least I think so.
Red Thingy

Staging for Fracking

You may remember I said the other night that our gate manager brought us some smoked turkeys.  Well for  Thanksgiving dinner I made roasted mashed potatoes, corn casserole, deviled eggs and gravy.  I heated up some turkey slices in the oven in some tin foil and we were all set.  It all came out delicious.  I shared some corn casserole with Dianna and Dave and later they brought us over some Pecan Pie.

Today, Dianna and I went into Cotulla.  I did laundry and she wandered around.  After laundry I picked up our mail and the water pump we ordered, stopped at the Super S grocery and headed home.  Dave said it wasn't too busy, but trucks have been coming and going all day.  Right now I am waiting for my last worker to come back in.  The recliner has been calling my name all evening and I'll be answering that call as soon as he gets in the gate.

The trucks will start all over again in the morning.  Hopefully not too early.  The company man says they should be done moving Nomac 3 outta here sometime tomorrow.  Not sure when they will be done bringing in equipment for Bohannan.

Ok, done for tonight.  It's been nice talkin at ya!

SHOUTOUT:  To my kids, who I hear did a GREAT job with their own Thanksgiving dinner celebration.  Miss you and love you!!

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