Monday, December 2, 2013


My new favorite place is the laundrymat (or is it laundromat).  Why, you ask?  Because I like surprises and when you live on the road or are in the oilfields you never know what surprises await you there.

Dirty or clean?  Equipment works or doesn't work? Water hard or soft?  What happened to all the folding tables?  WHERE are the folding tables? Nice people or not so nice people? Lock your car or don't?  Staffed or not?  Who washed their oily clothes in that washer before me?  Bebe's kids?  $1.25 or $2.50 a wash?  Clothes dry in one quarter, two or six? Oops, dropped my underwear on the floor.  Rewash or not?
Come back here or not?

See what I mean.  Lots of surprises.

Happy Monday!