Thursday, November 29, 2012

I'll Pray For You....

When I first started this blog I was determined that I wouldn't talk politics or religion.  I'm about to cut that determination to the quick.  Mostly because it just pisses me off!

I'll pray for you....
I read in another blog ( a statement that pretty much sums up how I feel - "When people go out to their way to say , "I'm praying for you," to an atheist, do they realize it sounds pretty much like "F*** you," only with more syllables?"

There have been more than a few studies, some of them with an effort towards double blind, that have all been mostly inconclusive.  Inconclusive because depending on who you talk to they either prove it works or prove it doesn't work.   It's either "God knows he's being tested" or "He works in mysterious ways" or the best one "He must need them in Heaven"! To me it just proves it's all wishing on a star.

I find it neither a happy event nor a proof of prayer working that God has provided you with anything that you have asked for.  Why on earth would he provide you with a new job, a car, more money, happiness, food, etc., if he can't even alleviate the suffering of so much of the world.  This only shows me that prayer is a selfish device.  Two reasons.  The obvious, you're praying for yourself. The other not so obvious.  Even if you are praying for the poor starving children in Africa or that cute little boy that has cancer the only thing it's doing is making YOU feel better.  In actuality you are doing the same as nothing.

If you really want to help the poor starving children in Africa, then find an organization that is actually DOING something and donate.  Better yet, go there yourself and donate your time.  If you really want to help the cute little boy that has cancer, then donate to cancer research or donate your time to a children's hospital or offer to help the family.  Prayer, no matter how many people are doing it, has not curbed hunger or cured cancer or righted any of the myriad of other wrongs in the world that God has so graciously given you a "blessed" corner in.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Little Woman

I joined the Army in 1974.  I thought I wanted to get as far away from home as possible and I did.  I flew from Seattle, Washington to Fort Jackson, South Carolina!  For wanting to get away from home I sure did a lot of crying on those flights.

Anyway, lots of good things happened to me in the Army.  I learned to be self sufficient and that I was capable of things I never thought I would be.  I learned confidence and leadership.  I met Dave, got married and had my first child.  Which brings me to one of the reasons I left the Army.  I really thought I wanted to be a housewife.  I didn't.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being a wife and a mother.  HATED taking care of the house.  It bored me to tears.  I so admire women that can make a whole career out of house and home.  But I do not envy them.

So, I worked at whatever I could find at first.  Fast food, janitorial and then went to Dental Assistant school and worked at that for a few years.  Since Dave stayed in the Army we moved about every three years.  After the 3 kids got a little older and we would hit a new duty station the job search would take 2 or 3 months.  As a working out of the home mom I did pretty well.  No, we can't have it all or do it all, but like anything else we give it our best shot.  The only problem was the kids.  They didn't LIKE having me home.  Mom, didn't you find a job yet?  Sheesh!

Anyway, the point is I worked very hard to make a place for myself as DORIS Arnold and even though I love my husband I preferred that to being known as MRS. Arnold or "The Little Woman".

The kids grow up, move out and bless us with grandchildren.  We still worked at our respective careers and did well at them.  Well then, what is this all about?  I'm back to being "The Little Woman".

We stopped working, sold the house, moved into our 5th Wheel and most of the time I AM Doris, but down here in Texas working on the ranch as hands or managers or whatever you want to call it, we have reverted to traditional roles.
Dave's out riding the fence, running the tractors, BSing with the good ol boys and here I sit cooking 2 meals a day, cleaning house, watching TV and taking care of all the little things in the house.   ARRGGHHHH!  BUT, I'm enjoying it.