Wednesday, May 30, 2012

All Right Already!

So, here it is May 30th and I just realized it's been a whole month since I blogged!  Since I had the 5th person email, call, post a note wondering what's up with us and is everything all right, I figured I'd better fill you in.


We stayed in Abilene, KS visiting with our son and his family for a week.  We were in a little bitty RV park on the outskirts of town just 4 houses down from their house.  Every day after school, the kids hurried through their chores so they could run down to Nana's and Papa's!  Honestly, I'm not sure what they find so interesting at our home.  We have no toys, the pool wasn't open, only a couple of swings at the rv park.  Hmmmm, must be Nana and Papa!  We sure enjoyed that week near them, but it was time to move over to the COE park at Tuttle Creek.

With Dave's America the Beautiful pass it was $9 a night and the name of the game this year is cheap, cheap, cheap.  It's a beautiful park right on the lake and except for the weekend we had the place to ourselves.  The dogs always enjoy that as we rarely put them on the cables unless there are other people around.

As with most COE's there was no sewer so I had to watch the water output, particularly the grey water.  Also, there was a hill behind us to the south so Dave had to use the long cable to get Dish TV.  Now, boondocking has appealed to me because you can go so many more places, but I guess I have been spoiled.  All winter long at the oilfield gate having constant electric, water AND a large exterior black tank I just took it all for granted.  But now I have to save output.  Dishes in tubs and dump it outside, short showers and oh how I love my showers, black tank not so bad.  We can go about 9 days on our black tank without being too careful.  ANYway, after a week we moved over to Tuttle Creek State Park below the dam.

We had driven over earlier in the week and picked our spot.  Number 47.  So we slowly packed up and made the long drive of 4 miles over to our new spot.  With our Kansas annual camp pass it's $9.50 a night.  As we get backed into our beautiful shady spot and Dave goes to plug in the electric cord he notices it's only 30 amps.  "Don't get mad" he says.  I just look at him and say "for a week I've had to watch the water, now I'm going to have to watch the electric too!  We're moving."

Of course we stayed.  It's a beautiful spot.  It's been pretty damn hot around here so, I do have to turn off the AC to run the oven/microwave and we run the living room AC during the day and switch over to the bedroom AC at night but, believe it or not, don't have to turn the AC off to run my hair dryer.  Whoo hoo!  It's worse on Dave though, he's had to dump the tanks about every 4 days using the grey tote we borrow from a friend of ours here.  Takes him about 4 trips.

On Sunday we are moving to a full hookup site which will cost us $15 a day, but it's only for a week as we leave for our first festival, Nebraskaland Days Rodeo on the 11th.  It will be nice to have a nice looonnnnggg hot shower!

Our EmmaRae
Since we've been in Kansas with our kids, we have enjoyed a dance recital, a piano recital, a couple of soccer games and coming up is a t-ball game and another recital!  We've enjoyed a few picnics and outings with our kids, breakfast out with friends, Doctors appointments, a clean Laundromat and shopping at big box stores.  I have pictures of the games and other kid stuff, but haven't downloaded them yet.  They'll get in the next post.

And, Bob, NO snakes!  Unfortunately, can't say the same for mosquitoes and gnats.

We've sold our couch and replaced it with a comfy chair and a padded storage bench, bought a stained glass window for the door window and Dave has replaced our white lights under the kitchen island and above the window in the bedroom with blue lights.  He added blue lights above the kitchen slide.  Looks wonderful!  We saw these blue lights on slides in a brand new Elite Suites at the RV-Dreams Rally we were at in Kerrville.

LOVE it!

OK, I'm off to bed now.  I've been working for my daughter at the Country Stampede office and need my beauty rest.  I'd promise to blog more often, but we all know how well I follow that!