Tuesday, November 22, 2011

West Texas Wind

Day 16

It was very windy today.  And I don't mean Kansas windy, I mean Texas windy. And it was hot...90 degrees.  I like the wind because it cooled the air.  I hate the wind because it blew around all that red dirt into fine dust into my hair, my eyes, my ears, my mouth and any crevice it could get through into the trailer.  Yuck!  I don't know which I dislike more...the fine red dust...or the mucky red mud.  I'll get back to ya on that one.

I can't believe I am up to day 16 already!  This already feels like an ingrained habit.  One I hope to be continuing after day 21.  I hope I haven't been boring anyone.  It could be so easy to do, especially when I am typing at 1 or 2 in the morning and I'm rambling.  Kind of like now.  :)

We were kinda busy today.  Not as busy as yesterday, but steady.  Tear down of Rig 3 was supposed to start today, but will not start until Wednesday.  The company man stopped by today and told us that.  He also told us lots of trucks will be coming in on Wednesday to load up all the rig and equipment.  Friday everything will start moving out of here and they hope to have it all done by Saturday afternoon.  That includes the rig, the bunkhouses, all the equipment and machinery around the rig and all misc buildings, trailers and whatever else.  It all goes from here directly to a new drilling site.

Monday or sometime early next week all the fracking equipment and workers will be coming in for the other site.  We are told we will be busy for real when that starts.  If they can be believed, this company only fracks in daylight hours, so we may be able to BOTH sleep at night AT the same time.  There's a new concept!  Still haven't heard when they will start fracking Rig 3.

Tonight our gate manager from LOMA brought us smoked turkeys.  He picked them up this morning fresh out of the smoker.  They sure smell good.  While Dave hit the hay, I cut and sliced the turkey.  I had too.  It wouldn't fit in the fridge whole.  Any guesses what I had for dinner tonight?  If you said anything other than a turkey sandwich, you would be wrong.  Nothing like leftovers BEFORE Thanksgiving.  Mmmmm mmmmm.

Late morning, early afternoon usually finds me sitting outside watching the gate, reading a book, talking to Dianna or just watching what isn't going on around me.  I sit outside because Dave is taking a nap and I don't want to disturb him.  He gets up at 3 am and by around noon he is more than ready to nap.  ANY way, because it was so windy, the chair I had sitting next to me to set the clipboard on kept blowing over.  I thought I would set some rocks in it.  I bent over to pick up a few fist sized rocks and when I stood up I banged my forehead on the edge of the slide!  Owwww! #%&$^*$!!  I have a nice little knot there now, but so far no bruise.

Oh, I almost forgot...when I woke up this morning I went out to the living room to check the clock, as I do every morning.  When I saw it was 10 after 10,  I fist pumped the air and gave a Woot Woot!  I had FINALLY slept for 7 hours straight!    I could sure tell the difference in how my waking hours feel.

Once again, no pictures today, but here's one from Nebraskaland Days to hold you over:

Enough rambling for now....talk to ya tomorrow!

SHOUTOUT:  To my buddy Jean - yes, you don't recognize the number.  Call me!

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  1. How can I get in touch with you? Need your number or email. Got to get more info from you re the map location on your blog.


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