Sunday, November 6, 2011

Daylight Savings Time

Day 3

Daylight savings time has me feeling for and against it.  On the one hand I really like that it's light out when I get up now.  On the other hand I don't like that it gets dark earlier.  This fall back into time doesn't affect me like springing forward does...I'm always off sync for about a week after, so I am glad when the fall back comes and puts us back into the natural rhythm.  Or at least the rhythm my body seems to like.

Why did it originally start and why do we still do it?  See here for an explanation.
Energy savings is a good thing.  Longer evenings in the Summer is a good thing.  Sunlight earlier in the morning is a good thing.  Getting used to the new rhythm, not so good.

Anyway, we had a kinda busy day today.  Got ourselves going right away when Dave got up.  Went out to breakfast, then headed over to Sea World.  We got the GPS in the truck going to get us there and after selecting the "fastest" setting we set off.  45 minutes of winding our way across San Antonio we arrived.  Well, Sea World doesn't open until Noon.  We were there at 10:30...parking lot was open, but we didn't want to wait around for an hour and a half.  We decided to go wash the truck.  It REALLY needed it.  While Dave was doing that I used my phone to find something else to do. We decided on the Witte Museum waaayyyy back over where we had breakfast.  This time we selected "shortest" and 30 minutes later we were at the Witte Museum............which doesn't open until Noon!

Because of construction the parking is about a block away in a parking garage...which we can't use because the height restriction was about 2 inches shorter than the height of the truck.  Right behind the Witte Museum is Brackenridge Park.  As we were parking we heard a train whistle and around a corner comes a park train winding through the trees.  Since we had about 20 minutes we decided to walk down and hop on for a ride.  Walking through the park to the train station was very nice.  Lots of trees, picnic tables, a slow moving San Antonio river and lots of people and families enjoying the day.

The train station was right across from the Zoo entrance and adjacent to the river.

We payed our fee and hopped on.  Lots of families with little kids and I think we were the only none kid couple on the train.

It took a nice little 2 mile route through and around the park with a stop at the Witte Museum.  We didn't get off.  We road back to the train station and then decided to go to the Zoo instead.

Can you tell I liked the birds the best?  :)

Dave took a whole bunch more pictures than me.  Here they are:


Dental Cleaning

 By the way, we took all of these pictures with our Droid Cameras.  Not bad.

Ok, we spent 3 hours walking around the zoo and decided that was enough walking and headed home.  We were both worn out.  Dave recorded the race so he sat and watched that, while I did some laundry and caught up on my blog reader.  Had some steak and gravy for dinner and watched some TV.

Back to the start of our day.  It starts like it does every morning..I'm usually up sometime between 6 and 7, depending on when I went to bed.  I can't lay in bed any longer than 7 hours or my body will ache all day.  My own special perils of fibromyalgia.  In any case, it makes the days pretty long for me.  Sometimes I take a mid afternoon nap, but mostly I don't.  Dave gets up within an hour or so of me, then I start breakfast and we usually slowly get the day going...unless it's a travel day.

Ok, day 3 under my belt.  Lets see if I can make day 4 on time!

SHOUTOUT: to my Nephew Kris....Happy Birthday! (Belated) And my Brother-in-law Steve, also Happy Birthday! (Belated again)

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