Thursday, December 1, 2011

We've Moved

As promised, no day counting anymore AND I will keep going.
***WARNING*** Explicit picture of a dead animal!

Our new spot turned out to be around the corner and down the road, so to speak.
As we went out the front gate where Jess and Debi are guarding, we made a left turn and then the very next left turn on to a dirt road.  Down that dirt road about 3 miles,

another left turn, 

past a dead pig in the road, 

then about 1/2 mile and we're here.  

Turns out, we guess, we are only about a mile or two, as the crow flies, from the other gate we were at.

It's very quiet here.  Mostly because the generator here is broken and the repairman will not be here until tomorrow sometime.  It's the water pump.  We are using our small generator in the meantime to run the lights, TV, water pump and heater.  It's a little chilly tonight.  We are even more out in the boonies then we were before and we are by ourselves, so it's kind of spooky.  We do have our outside scare lights on and our water/gas filler guy brought us a stand up outside light so the gate is lit up....somewhat.  I don't think I will have to go out and open it tonight.  Until they frack there is nothing going on here.  I hear the family and their friends come and go on weekends.  They want us to get to know who is who and remember them.  They won't be signed in and out but we will have to open the gate for them as we are to keep it locked.  We will be keeping notes until we get used to everyone.
Here are some more pictures of our new spot.

view out the front door.  it faces NW

left turn out of the gate

right turn out of the gate

tree across from the gate

we have flowers!
Well, we will see what this gate will bring and how long we will be here.

I can't believe it's the end of November already!  Christmas is on its way, whether we are prepared or not.  I've got the kids' wish list and they have ours.  It's amazing how much our gift list has changed now that we don't have a house.  Small things.  Small pleasures.

Until next time.

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