Sunday, December 11, 2011

Rain Rain go Away

I guess being from Seattle it's not the rain that bothers me. It's the mud.  It's the messiness.  It's the cold splash of mud on your pants from a truck going out the gate.

Sigh.  I guess Texas needs rain so I probably shouldn't complain, but damn!  It's messy!

So, nothing going on today but work and trying to keep the mud out of the house.  Towel in front of the door and a sheet laid out towards the living area. Long enough so when the dogs come in the door most of the dirt/mud on their feet stays on the sheet.  So far so good.

As for us, whoever is on duty keeps their coat and boots on.  We sit in the office chair next to the door with another sheet under our feet.

That's me going out to dig a little channel for that big puddle to drain

We found a bag to keep the clipboard in to stay dry.  It's an old sucker bag.  You know, one of those bags you pack stuff in and then suck all the air out with a vacuum.  Big enough to fit the clipboard and your hand to write on it.

The last couple of nights a Great Horned Owl has been keeping me company. He perches on the closest telephone pole or a fence post and once in a while swoops down low and then to another perch.  He has deserted me tonight, probably to find somewhere less cold and rainy.

On a positive note, I have finished my Christmas shopping for my youngest.  She is coming down to visit for Christmas for 4 days.  Two weeks from today!  I wish all the kids could come but they would have to drive and that's just not gonna work in the winter.  The oldest will be going to her in laws for a week or so and our son and his family will likely spend some time at his in laws too.  The youngest will meet up with them all on Jan 2nd for a family celebration.

That's it for tonight.  Still watching it rain.  Dave will be up soon and then it will be bedtime for me.  I'm looking most forward to taking my boots off.  Aaaahhhhh.


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