Monday, December 5, 2011


It's still been pretty quiet here at the Circle Y.  Had a truck sound the alarm at 4:30 this morning.  He was lost.  Funny enough, he was looking for the site we left to come here.  Dave gave him directions and sent him on his way.  It was kind of comical when the bell went off and we both sat up in bed, kind of confused and then Dave sprang into action.

Other than that very dead today.  Dave drove over to visit Mike and Dianna.  I went yesterday to visit.  Even though we have nothing going on, we still can't leave the gate unattended, so only one of us can leave at a time.

We have had a few visitors.  Yesterday afternoon, we just sat outside for awhile enjoying the sun.  While we did, we had a little visitor that wasn't shy at all.  Here it is;
It landed on the page first and no jostling or moving around scared it off.  It moved just enough to land on my hand and then stayed there for quite a while, 20 minutes maybe.  I finally shooed it off so I could go inside.

Our next visitor did not come until this evening.  It's been pretty misty all day and then raining off and on so we figured all the deer, cow and pigs were hunkered down somewhere.  And they must be, because we haven't seen any at all.  This evening we noticed this fellow.

It appears to be a Great Horned Owl.  Shortly after this one landed, another one landed across the road on the other fence.

Well,  you can kind of see it on the left.  It's the best I can do.  We fiddled around for about 30 minutes trying to get a good enough picture.  I don't have a tripod and with the long lens it is very sensitive to movement, especially at night.

The closest owl stayed around for a long time on that pole.  The furthest one was there for about an hour. The closest one, which was the first to land, didn't leave until about 10 minutes ago.  I guess it would have been around 3 hours it was out there.

We weren't quick enough to get a picture, but we were so busy trying to get a picture of the owls, that we almost missed the skunk ambling down the road.  Fortunately it didn't come our way and disappeared through the fence very near the far owl.  Whew!

That was it for visitors today.  The ranch owner left about 11am and won't be back until Thursday.  He told Dave there was a golf cart at the house we could use and would show us where it was when he came back.  I'm not sure what we would need it for, but what a nice guy.

We are guessing that the water well guys will be by sometime tomorrow to check the well and the frack pond and maybe someone from Chesapeak will be by.  We can ask them when the equipment will be coming in for the fracking that is to start next Monday.

Ok, off to bed.

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