Sunday, December 18, 2011


As in the footwear, not the rather large leathery creature.

I remember when Crocs first became popular.  Lots of little kids in brightly colored shoes.  Easy to put on and easy to clean. Then more and more adults started wearing them..on the beach and in the garden.  Then I started seeing them as everyday, everywear footwear.  Still didn't care for them.   There was a woman at work who wore nothing but Crocs.  Every bright color she could find.  Still didn't care for them.

Now, I am not one of those women who LOVES shoes.  Never have been.  I have one good pair of tennis shoes, one pair of slippers, one good pair of boots, one pair of sandals and at the most, two pairs of good shoes for work.  Or at least I did.  Now I have ONE pair of good shoes to go with my one set of "just in case" nice clothes.  AND a pair of Crocs.

I like them.  Easy to put on and easy to clean.

I received them as a benny on a job I was working.  I used them to work in the yard, run up to get the mail, walk outside when it was wet instead of my slippers.  Now I use them to run out to open the gate.  Easy to put on and with all this red dirt, easy to clean.  But, I do not wear them to go grocery shopping, go to the drug store, Laundromat or Walmart.  That's what tennis shoes and sandals are for. Yes, even though I like them, I am a Croc snob.

Dave does not have a pair of Crocs.

He leaves his tennis shoes loosely laced and slips them on and off.  Not quite as easy on and off as the Crocs.

All of our shoes have that red tint hanging on to them.

Maybe it will come off.  Maybe not, but we have determined that when we leave here new tennis shoes are definitely in order.

Other things we will need to replace?  Some towels, white socks, water filters, possibly new bag chairs.  AND we will need to take a week off between this gig and our summer gig to completely clean the house inside and out, as well as the truck.  But I bet we will find red dust in out of the way places for 6 months after we leave Texas.

By the way, how do you like the new look of the blog?  I've always been the kind of person that re-arranged my living room, bedroom and whatever room every few months or so.  Since I can't re-arrange this house (much) I have to find other things to re-arrange.

Leaving you a picture of Snickers and Skittles.  Skittles won't eat until Snickers is there to eat and then they act like someone is going to steal their food.

 This also shows the black plastic we put on the floor instead of using sheets.  Mud dries, mud sweeps up.  Thanks to Dianna for the idea.

Another blog down.  Goodnight!


  1. Love the new look!
    We can SO relate to the tennis shoes, socks, white towels, etc. None of these items are white anymore! And, I just told Wayne yesterday that when we leave, I want to have our carpets professionally cleaned.
    Oh yes, we have a mouse ... not excited!

  2. least you have the pair of Crocs still in good shape. I bought one pair of similar Crocs which got in bad shape. Loved those two pets.

  3. This is how my young bro wears his tennis court shoes. Though I hate this way of wearing shoes but sometimes I also have to use this way when in rush. btw..nice crocs.


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