Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Mud soup, that is.  

And here we've tried to protect what's inside from the mud

We pulled the other dirty sheets up, shook them out, vacuumed, swept and then put down more sheets and taped the edges to the floor.  By the way, the old tablecloth over the dish rack is to keep the dust off of the clean dishes while they dry.  We've decided that if we come back next year we will be buying a roll of plastic to put on the carpet.  The stuff that is sticky on one side like they use in open houses and RV shows.  In fact we may go ahead and get it this spring to use in the "house" during festivals.  We get pretty muddy and dirty at some of those too.  

I had to run into town and I sure was worried about driving through that stuff.  I made it, but it was a little iffy a few times.  Once I got through the first 200 or so yards the road wasn't muddy.  Of course the truck, which got most of the dirt washed off by the rain, is now pretty muddy.  It cleared some today and the sun even came out this afternoon.  It got up to 80 and a little breeze blowing, so things are starting to dry out.  BUT, rain is in the forecast for the next 4 days.  We're hoping most of it bypasses this area, but doesn't look like it.  So, we will most likely be back to having a morass of mud soup!

We've got a little (very little) break from our gate traffic.  They have finished the fracking on one site, moved everything over to the other site, but don't start fracking until Friday or Saturday.  No sand trucks or any other middle of the night traffic tonight.  I hope.  Last night I only had 2 vehicles around midnight and then went to sleep in the chair until Dave got up at 3.  I think I probably could go to bed for the night, but sure as shit someone would need in or out.  I'll just kick back in the chair again and snooze.

The company man told Dave that they shut down for Christmas for 3 days.  Half day on Friday and then off for Christmas Eve and Christmas and back at it sometime Monday.  It will be nice to enjoy our visit with the youngest for a few days without having to run out at all hours.  I pick her up in San Antonio on Christmas Eve and take her back on the 28th.  Dave is graciously allowing me to go to lunch while in San Antonio.  Olive Garden here I come!

Today while I was in town I picked up two red bows at Family Dollar and they now adorn the gates.  Puts me in the mood to decorate the "house".  I kept some stuff from the sticks & bricks, but don't want to put it up too soon and have it get all dusty.  

I also want to make cookies but don't want to use the oven until they finish fixing the generator, so that we have 50 amp.  We told our service man that I can't make cookies and he can't have any cookies until it's fixed.  Of course it's not really his fault.  The man that came out and looked at it last week had to order a part.  Apparently he is now on vacation and it's not in yet.  Hopefully tomorrow or Friday.

Here's a picture before I sign off to give you a smile. (and me too) Our Grandboys.

(well, so much for my night off.  Sand truck just came through.  I guess they are starting fracking tomorrow, so more trucks expected tonight.  Damn.)


  1. Wow Doris. Can't believe all of that mud. Great post.

  2. That is a lot of mud! I never heard of this kind of work until I started reading your blog. Are you committed to a certain period of time?

    LOVE the pic of your little guys!! :)

  3. We hated the mud too, so went to Walmart and bought enough cheap throw rugs to cover our floor. Now all we do is take them out and hose them off when we get done at a gate. If they get too ugly, we just replace. They have saved our floor.

  4. Wow!!! That is so hard to keep clean. Hope it stops soon for you. Love you guys. Love the pictures

  5. Hello. The sticky plastic is a great idea. I may look into some too. Love the photos, especially the last one. Too cute. I think you got more rain than we did. I think you are only a few miles north of us??? We are 5.2 miles south of I-35 Exit 56, or about 10 miles north of Encinal. They are calling for more rain, but we've only had sprinkles so far today.


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