Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The very definition of what makes me comfortable.  Our 5er is cozy.  Our bedroom is cozy.  My chair is cozy.  My bed is cozy.  My life is pretty cozy right now.

Co-zy [koh-zee]  adjective, -zi-er, -zi-est, noun, plural -zies, verb, -zied, -zy-ing


snugly warm and comfortable

The only thing to make it cozier would be to get some wonderfully tight hugs from my kids and grandkids!  Sometime in May I think.  This Saturday I'll be getting hugs from my youngest when I pick her up at the airport.  And she will be getting some extra hugs to pass around to everyone when she meets the other kids, there spouses and our grandkids on Jan 1st!

We cleaned up this week and put out the Christmas decorations.  That made the 5er even cozier.

I used to have over 100 Santas in the S&Bs.  It would take me several days to remove them from the cabinet they lived in all year long and place them around the house.  A chore I loved.  2 Christmases ago I was happy to let my daughters and daughter-in-law pick and choose which ones they wanted to take home.  As they picked we talked about when, where and sometimes from whom I acquired them.  My mother got me started collecting them and every year she would send me a new one.  She's been gone now 12 years and I still have happy memories of every one she sent me.  

This prompted me to start giving my girls (daughter-in-law included in that, as she is most definitely one of my girls) their own collections each year.  Adrienne gets snowmen, Jennifer gets fairies and Caitlin gets angels.  I so enjoy the adventure of hunting out the perfect one each year.

As I'm typing away it's pouring rain outside.  Which of course means more mud!  They are supposed to come tomorrow with trucks and trucks of caliche for the road up to our gate.  The road grader came today.  I hope they are still able to do it.  AND I am supposed to be going to Pleasanton tomorrow morning for a day of spa and shopping.  I sure hope I will be able to get down the road.  Maybe I'll send Dave down it first to make sure it's OK.  I'll let you know.

According to the weatherman, at least the one I watched, it's supposed to stop by 5 or 6 am, then be sunny and in the 60's.  I guess we'll see!

We have no traffic tonight.  They are done with the fracking on site 2 and have moved mostly everything out.  They are welding pipe on site 1 and only work daylight hours, soooooo we get to sleep at the same time, sort of.  Dave went to bed hours ago and I'll be hitting the hay about 11:30.  If i go to bed any earlier than that, I will be up at 4 or 5 am and then be ready for a nap WAY too early.  I would prefer to stay awake for my drive home from Pleasanton!

OK, enough.  I'm off to bed and sweet dreams.  Here are two last pictures for you.

Yesterday's Sunset

Cozy.  Yes?

It's the Winter Solstice.  Happy Holidays!


  1. Beautiful Christmas decorations in your cozy home. Gave us some ideas for next year. We are headed to Houston on Friday for Christmas with our family. So we packed up Christmas early. Next year I will even have lights outside the RV.
    Gate guarding is a lonely life. Tom/Donna Traill is my wife's sister and bro-in-law.
    May your Christmas be full of joy and love.

  2. Doris - How did I not know you have a GG blog?!? - So sorry - I would have added you to the blog roll @ Fork sooner. I'll put you on tonight, if that's OK?
    Your home looks cozy, indeed! Hope your Spa trip was a treat and your Christmas, merry!

  3. Love it mom. And passing on hugs sucks, I miss you guys. May? I hope its sooner. Love you


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