Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm tired and it's late

Depending on your perspective it's either late or early.  1:30 am.  Late for me as I've been up since about 9 am, but if  you are just getting up, it's pretty damn early.

I didn't get a nap today because I had to run into town and get drugs, mail and some groceries.  Dave didn't get much of a nap either, about half an hour late this afternoon. He had been up since 3 am (early for him, late for me). Perspective.

Out normal routine is for me to sleep from 3 am to 9 or 10.  Dave takes a nap around 11 am or Noon.  Then I'll take a nap after he gets up.  Dinner around 5:30.  Dave gets in the shower by 7 and then off to bed for him and my shift takes over.

We are still hooked up to 30 amp.  Repair guy still hasn't returned with whatever part it was he ordered.  I doubt we'll see him until Monday.  Good thing we still have the 30 amp switch.  Knock on wood!

The deer herd has become commonplace.  They are out across the road every day and today, all day.  We also have a couple of horses that usually show up late morning or early afternoon.  When they notice us outside they come to the fence.  I believe the people here before us fed them treats.  That would make sense as they were putting out food for the wild cats and the coyotes.  Silly silly people.  I'm just thankful that we haven't had any coyotes hanging around looking for handouts!

We have gotten pretty busy.  Fracking starts tomorrow with one test run and then in earnest on Sunday.  I have one more sand truck to go out and then maybe i can doze in the chair until Dave gets up.

I want to apologize to Bob for freaking  him out today.  He hit me up on google chat and I chatted back for a few minutes.  Normal, except I was driving at 70 miles an hour at the time.  I told him that and that is what freaked him out.  I wasn't actually texting or typing.  My android phone has microphone capability on it.  When I am in a chat box I just hit the little mic symbol and talk into my phone. It types what I say, most of the time, then I hit send and off my text goes.  Still not good at 70 mph, so told him I had to go.  Sorry Bob!

OK, I'm off to try and doze.  Talk at ya later!


  1. freaked me out. Did not know of that technology and imagined you texting me at 70 mph. Whatever you've got, I've got to get.


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