Friday, April 27, 2012


OK, I had to look for this one.  It's Internet slang for happy.  You  know, like :) is a happy face X] means just happy.  See here

Since I am X] I figured I could expound on this little Internet slang symbol.

Just living this fulltime RV lifestyle makes me X].  We are more relaxed, we have much, much less stress, we travel the country seeing things we haven't seen before and we have a fun job.  This all makes us X].

I wonder if this little symbol and all the other Internet and chat slang symbols is an indication of what our written conversations will all look like in 20 years or more?  Doesn't do well for those of us that can't ever remember all those little symbols.  Especially as we get older and our memories get worse!  Oh boy!

Here's a x] picture for you.

Erica and Papa


  1. Yes, this lifestyle does tend to make one x] !

  2. I learned something today and it make's me X]

    First time I've seen that symbol.


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