Saturday, April 14, 2012

Manhattan, Kansas HERE WE COME

 Manhattan, Kansas. The Little Apple. Home of the K-State Wildcats and Bill Snyder.  This is our hometown.

Our oldest daughter and her family live there.  Our Son and his family are a short drive away in Abilene, Kansas.  Our youngest daughter and the granddog, Hugo are in Kansas City, Kansas.  Except for a visit from the youngest at Christmas we haven't seen them in 8 months.  EIGHT MONTHS!  17 days and a wake up! We sure do miss them and now that we are getting close to seeing them again we are anxious to get there.  These are the 10 most important people in our lives.

EmmaRae, Jared, Adrienne and Jaxson Hayes
Caitlin Arnold

Jennifer, Sean, Destiny, Jacob and Erica Arnold

We leave here sometime tomorrow morning and will spend a week in San Antonio at Fort Sam FamCamp cleaning the 5er inside and out.  Get rid of all that south Texas red dirt.  Then on the 23rd heading out to Kerrville, Texas for an RV Rally with the RV-Dreams crew for a week.  Then on April 30th we are on the way out of Texas and on to Kansas!  Hug our kids and grandkids, see friends, medical appointments, go see my favorite beautician Holly and just some general hanging out at home.  Can't wait!


  1. Don't get into a big hurry we are having a lot of storms around here in the midwest. We live in KC.

  2. Following you over from A to Z Challenge. I just heard of Manhattan, Kansas for the first time recently so it is interesting to run across the name in your M blog post.
    How wonderful that you are able to travel all around the country! Theme: A World of Crime


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