Thursday, April 26, 2012

Way Too Long

We are in our second year of fulltiming and our 1st year of traveling fulltime and we love this lifestyle.  We wouldn't go back to a sticks and bricks home even if we had to.  There are a few things we would change this 2nd year on the road though.

Financially speaking we will be eating out a whole lot less.  We won't be traveling as far to save on fuel and we definitely WON'T be going to Vegas this year.

We'd like to explore more of our surroundings at each stop than we did this year and we'd like to make it home more often.  That's where the "Way Too Long" comes in.

Except for our youngest daughter visiting at the holidays, we haven't seen our kids or grandkids in 8 months.  That's way too long!  It seems from their pictures that the grands have grown soooo much and they have all turned a year older.  That's a long time to miss them when at their ages things change so rapidly.

Their ages you ask?  Eleven, nine, nine, six and six.  We've missed the Holiday programs and the end of year programs.  We've missed some baseball games, dance recitals, soccer games, Anniversaries and family get togethers.  And we will still miss some of those things, but maybe we'll be at more family gatherings and we have decided we will go home for the Holidays this year.  That was a tough one to miss.

So, as we make our way down the road on Monday we will be happier and happier as we get closer and closer to home.

Good night!

Kids - 4 days and a wake up!!

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