Thursday, April 5, 2012

E is for ....hmmm...ummm...hmmmm

Well.  I had some thoughts about E.  I had some suggestions about E.  I had some false starts with E.  I had a few more thoughts about E.  My friend Eleanor suggested I don't use her name or Else.  She also suggested Easter bunnies, Eyes, Eagles (the band), Everybody, and Eggs.

My oldest daughter, Adrienne suggested I be Excited.  My Sister-in-law, Janet, suggested I talk about something Eventful and Eventually get to the point.
When I asked Dave he just said "Eh?".  Problem with the Ears I suppose.
I thought about writing about the Evening, my favorite part of the day.  I also thought about some really easy ones.  Elephants, Eskimos, Elbows.  Nah.

I could tell you all about two of my grandchildren, EmmaRae and Erica, but that wouldn't be fair to the other 3 grand kids; Destiny, Jaxson or Jacob.  I could tell you Everything you Ever wanted to know about my youngest daughter, Caitlin Elaine. No, that would leave out everything about Adrienne Cathleen or my son, Sean Austin, Adrienne's husband Jared or Sean's wife Jennifer.
I could add a picture of my Entire family.

But, no.

I could mention that my mother and my youngest sister have the same name.  Elizabeth Ann.  AND my other sister has the middle name of Elizabeth.  AND my name is Doris ANN.  AND I was named after my father's sister, Doris Ann.
I could mention my mother-in-law's name is Eleanore Gertrude or that her birth name was Amelia Eleanora.

I could tell you all of that, but then my life would no longer be such an Enigma.

Cue the obligatory Essential photo....
Earth mover.  Hah!


  1. Well, you nailed the E on a D day! lol Or is it me in this crazy time zone far away from the U.S. and Canada?

  2. My mom is also Elizabeth Ann.

    1. Another thing besides gate guarding in common. Cool.

  3. Any of the above would work, and I see you have it all covered. Cute post!

    Stopping by from the A-Z Challenge, blogging at Ross County Roundup and Write, Wrong or Indifferent.

  4. Excellent exhibition of the Letter E! Loved it!

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