Saturday, April 21, 2012


Being back in the real world is taking some readjustment.  There are actually other people in the world and it seems like they are all on the roads.  I'd almost forgotten what a "pleasure" it is to drive in a big city!

Things we are readjusting to:
Sleeping together
Sleeping for more than 6 hours and with no interruptions
Restaurants that are not fast food
Grocery stores that have lots of choices
Grocery stores that are right around the corner.  Hell ANY store that is right around the corner
Realizing that the diesel truck driving by does not require jumping up and running outside to sign it in
Not having to have dinner at 5:00 so Dave can be in bed by 7:00
Eating ALL our meals together
Watching an entire TV program or movie without having to put it on pause
Traffic noise
Someone else's dog barking
Walking 50 ft to the trash container instead of driving a mile
Taking walks with the dogs and not having to worry about snakes
Not having to wear rubber boots when it rains
Not having to dust all the time
A clean house that stays clean
Sweet smelling dogs (they had a beauty parlor appt this week)
How much quieter it is without a generator 5 feet from the trailer
That when we turn out the lights to go to bed, it's dark inside
Blazing fast consistently working internet :)
NO kamikaze beetles!
When it storms I have someplace to hide
Riding in the passenger seat

OK, I'm sure there are more, but that's enough!

See you for S tomorrow!

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