Monday, April 23, 2012

Travel Day Today

For those of you reading my blog that are not fulltime RVers, we have a lot of travel days.  Last summer we traveled to 12 states in 7 months.  Some of those states twice!

Hmmm, I just noticed this map includes North Dakota.  That's a mistake, we haven't been there yet.  Oooops.  But the rest are correct.

Anyway, we try not to travel more than 300 miles a day and most travel days we are right between 250 and 300.  Today we went a whopping 70 miles.  We were staying at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio for the last week cleaning out all the dust from the oilfield.  Cleaned the inside and outside of the 5er, cleaned inside and outside the truck, dogs had a beauty parlor day and I finally got my much anticipated pedi/mani!  It is so nice to have a clean home that stays clean for more than an hour!

We traveled to Kerrville, TX where we are attending the RV Dreams Rally at Buckhorn Lake Resort.  I found this website and forum about 3 years ago when we were first talking about going fulltime in our RV.  GREAT bunch of people.  Be sure and check it out.

When we are on a travel day it takes us about 1 hour to get everything ready to go.  That's if we have set an early departure time.  If we haven't and we aren't going far, like today, then we take our time and take about 2 hours to get ready to go.

We get everything put away inside that is breakable, would move or is in the way of the slides being brought in.  On the outside Dave gets all our patio and yard stuff put away, empties and flushes the black tank, unhooks the water hose and makes sure the truck is ready to go.

When all is ready inside and out we bring the slides in and raise the jacks.  Dave backs the truck up to the hitch, I raise the front of the 5er and he slides the truck under the tongue and into the hitch in the bed of the truck.  He plugs in the cord for the running/brake lights and trailer brakes and then I raise the jacks on the front end and the truck now has the load.  

As he is winding up the electrical cord and putting it away I am making sure we both have drinks and my purse, nook and our phones are in the truck.  He does a final walk around locking all the storage doors and making sure the lights all work.

By this time the dogs are already in the back seat area of the truck.  They know the routine and as soon as we start it they are anxious not to be left behind!  We bring along a bowl and bottles of water for the trip for them.  We have a crew cab on the truck and with the seats folded up there is plenty of room for them.  We bought cushions at Petco that makes that whole floor area comfy for them.

We hit the road at about 1045 and had a very easy drive once we got out of San Antonio.  We arrived here about 1230, got all set up and are enjoying the evening.

See you tomorrow for "U"!



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  1. We got here today a little after noon. You were right behind us! Come find 6008.


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