Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Very Good Day

You know, we have a lot of these now that we are living fulltime in our RV. Life is slower, easier and we meet such nice people.

Day one of the RV-Dreams Rally seminars was fun and informative.  Tonight after dinner there there were quite a few people who showed us things gadgets they use in their RV's.  A PVC pole to measure the height of underpasses.  Walkie Talkies, clothes hangers, chair umbrella, torque wrench, and some other interesting things I can't remember.

At each seminar and at dinner we sit with different people each time so we meet more people each day.  I'm horrible with names and faces so it's a good thing everyone is wearing name tags!

At lunch break I had to run into town to pick up some prescriptions and took a back road rather than the highway.  It was winding and pretty.  I finally saw lots of Bluebonnets and there were several farms with lots of little goats on them.  Before I knew it I was in town and had no trouble finding the Walmart.  After I was done I hit the Mickey D's drive thru and headed back for the afternoon seminars.

We had a good dinner of pizza, salad and cinnamon rolls for dessert.  After show and tell it was time for the girls to get a walk.  Took a little more time tonight because we had to stop and talk to people we have met and the girls had to say hi to everyone too.

Well, that's the first day down and another packed day tomorrow.  I'm sending Dave to the morning seminar on weight and tire maintenance while I clean up the house, then we'll hit the afternoon seminars.  Potluck for dinner tomorrow and I'm looking forward to that!

Goodnight all!

To my kids:  5 days and a wake up!!

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