Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shit Happens

I had such fun with this when I originally posted it back in February that I thought I would use it for "S".  Enjoy

Shit Happens

Good shit. Bad shit. Crazy shit. Stupid shit. Awful shit. Funny shit.  No the universe is not deciding you need bad shit anymore than it is gracing you with the good shit.  Shit just happens.

You make your plans and prepare for life's happenings as best you can and ... shit still happens.  That's life.

Bad shit is not there to teach you a lesson, although most of us do learn one.  This goes for stupid shit too.  Not having a plan B is a great way for anything but good shit to happen.

Life has cycles just like anything else.  Right now we are in a "Good Shit" cycle.  You may be in a "Bad Shit" cycle.  As they say, this too will pass.  But usually you find out who your real friends are during the bad shit.  Hell, sometimes your "friends" even cause the bad shit.  Instead of a BFF you have a BSF.  (see, stupid shit).  I think we ALL have one of those at one time or another.

I believe we all create our own kind of shit, be it good or bad.  AND, we can all turn bad shit into good.  I used to tell my daughter that her attitude was all up to her, so if she wanted to wallow she just needed to know that was her choice.

So, shit happens.  No reason.  Plan your life.  Live your life.  Roll with the punches.  Educate yourself.  Be prepared.  Shit just happens.


  1. I giggled at this the first time and again just now! :)

  2. Good use of the letter "S". It goes along with my Crappy Day from yesterday's blog.

  3. I think it's interesting that 'shit' has become this generic placeholder to the point that there's so much talk about good shit. I mean, literal shit can be good as fertilizer for something new to grow in - but that's not always the sense it's used in. :)


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