Sunday, May 22, 2011

Time to Catch Up!

Ok, I guess I'd better catch up everyone.

We left Oklahoma City last Monday and stayed in a cute little state park NE of Tulsa. Bernice State Park.

It's on Grand Lake, which after we got there found out it really is Grand (Large). We spent most of our time in the park. The first night, there were two other RV's in the park and one group of tenters. They all left Tuesday morning and we were left alone until we left on Wednesday. We walked a very nice trail, biked around the park a couple of times, walked the water's edge with the dogs and had our very first campfire since we've been on the road.  Also did some bird watching...had a Baltimore Oriole in the tree across from us that kept us company.


Great Blue Heron



It was a very nice couple of days, very relaxing. We took a little drive to “Monkey Island”. VERY monkeys. I couldn't find anyone that knew WHY it was called Monkey Island. It's mostly a resort community with lots of very large houses and a golf course. They were building a new golf course and that was kind of interesting to see how they do it. The sand traps and some of the greens were in place....sand and grass and everything, but no fairways and no tee boxes. Hmmmmm

We got up and got going for an early start, as we wanted to stop in Springfield MO to pick up some window awnings we had ordered. We made it there about 11:30, picked up our order, looked around a bit and then went down the street to Mickey D's for lunch.

We got on our way once more and headed out to Fort Leonard Wood Lake Ozark Recreation Area
We had camped (in a tent) here with our kids years ago and really enjoyed it. Beautiful area and the military has really done a good job with this recreation area.

Out the desk window

We are trying to stay at military family campgrounds (FamCamp) whenever we can. Not only because they are usually very nice, but we can get full hookups relatively cheap. $15 to $20 per night. Some also have weekly rates as the one at Tinker AFB did.

We had decided we would stay here at the FLW LORA until the next Tuesday and then head onto Hermitage and Dave's cousin Tim's house. In looking at the weather over the next 3 to 4 days, we may head over earlier on Monday and try to miss driving in any bad weather. Otherwise we might have to wait until Thursday or Friday for the window.

Yesterday, we drove over to Osage Beach and a little beyond to the Bagnel Dam.  This is the dam that is responsible for the creation of the Lake of the Ozarks. This dam was built by a private company and by contract is required to keep the lake at a level of between 650 and 660. As of yesterday it was at 659.442 and all 5 of it's gates were open. We also toured the lodge that was built to hold the offices of the engineers.

The nice volunteer lady at the lodge suggested we take a ride down highway 42 and take the turn off for the Swinging Bridges Road.  A gravel road that takes you over two old suspension bridges.
As we arrived at the first bridge, Dave needed a “break”

The sign on the bridge says “limit 15 tons”, but we were both skeptical about crossing...we did cross after watching a few cars go over

.....very noisy. This bridge is kind of short, only about 100 or so feet. The floor of the bridge is metal and kind of ridged.

The next bridge has just had the roadway refinished and was a LOT longer, the weight limit smaller at 5 tons. It was probably about 100 yards or more long. (think football field length) We were not brave enough to go over this one. But Dave had to have a picture to appear that we did.

We wished later after we got home that we had gone over as that bridge is only 3 miles from where we are camped and to go back the way we went was probably at least 20 miles. Oh well!

When we arrived home, we discovered we had more neighbors and less quiet. :)

We had a very nice campfire last night and sat outside until about 10:30, listening to the other campers and watching the cars drive by on their way to the cabins.

It is now Sunday. We are taking just a hanging out at home day. Had breakfast late, watching some TV, some laundry getting done. FREE washers and dryers!!! Watching the weekenders go home. I think we will probably head over to Hermitage tomorrow, but we'll wait and see what the weather is doing first, I think. The weather says to expect storms this afternoon and evening. We have planned to cook outside, so hopefully we don't get any or have a break at dinner time to cook. In any case, I have my “hiding out” plan ready to go. Lawn chair, phone, nook and a drink. All to take over to the shower house and “hang out”.

Here's a few more pictures...just because:
Construction Guy

at Ozark State Park

SHOUTOUT: to Jessica over at “Planning for RV Days”! It so exciting to be planning for the road. Hope to see you out here soon!!

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