Sunday, May 1, 2011

A 4 hour trip that took 10 hours

Ok, so we leave Florence at about 9am and expect to be in Munds Park just south of Flagstaff about 1:00.

6 miles out of Munds Park we hear a loud bang and the truck loses's still going, just no umph in the gas pedal...Dave knew right away the turbo just blew! And we are going up hill and are already at 6000 ft.

So we pull over onto the shoulder right at an exit ramp

and Dave calls the insurance company. Yeah! We have Coach-net.

So he talks to them and they are sending a tow truck out of Sedona and it will be about an hour they say.

2 hours later, he gets there. Very nice young man and he starts hooking us up.

Just as he is lifting the truck, a hydraulic line blows at the back of his tow truck!

Well SHIT! So he can't tow us. He is very apologetic and heads back to Sedona.

Once again Dave is on the phone with Coach-Net. They are going to send a mobile mechanic because by this time Dave knows it is a blown turbo tube about 6 inches long and 3 inches wide. He has removed it and there's a BIG ol hole in it.

Another hour and a half later, the mechanic has arrived and gets to work.

Dave's helping him and getting out of breath rather quickly (6000 ft) trying to pry something off. It takes the guy about 45 minutes to get it all done.

All this time, all the cars driving past us, not one has stopped to see if we need help. Haven't seen any cops at all. But just as the mechanic is finishing a cop shows up. He says the only reason he stopped was because he saw the mechanics truck and knows the guy. Geesh!

Dave starts the truck and it's running just fine, but just in case, the mechanic follows us.

And that's our travel day! Whew! We just wanted to get setup, so Dave did that while I ran to the ONLY restaurant in town and brought us home two "specials". Steak, home fries, green beans, onion rings, baked beans and coleslaw. It was all pretty good.

Ok, end of story. Here's a picture of our camp spot and we will be here until Thursday.


  1. OK. That was not a good thing to go through. But, it's good that you aren't still at the side of the road. We are looking to possibly renew with Coach Net after our first year of not needing them.

    I just found the reference to your blog on RV Dreams, so now I'll be following you guys. Better not slip up or I'll tattle to RV Dreams and SOITC.

  2. Wow!!! I bet that was a really stressful day. Sorry you had to go through it, but glad you had everything in place that you possibly could to get through the situation. That sucks about no one stopping to make sure you were ok. Again, glad you are ok and finally at the camp ground.

  3. I dread that moment. Just picked up my dream tow vehicle and fiver. So glad to see a successful repair and on the side of the road.
    How many miles did the truck have on it when turbo blew. Mine was replace just prior to taking possession of the truck.


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