Thursday, May 5, 2011

Grand Canyon and ATV Tour

The last two days were very busy spent doing the tourist thing.. First the Grand Canyon and then an ATV tour of the desert and surrounding area in Sedona.

There is absolutely no way to describe the AWESOMENESS of the Grand Canyon, nor will the pictures give you the full scope.

We know that at the observation point we are standing at about 7000 ft and looking at the bottom that is around 1100 ft. Your mind registers that this is 5900 ft down...that's alot, once again your brain knows this, BUT you can't really fully understand the depth and breadth of the Grand Canyon without actually being there!

on this picture, the farthest point you can see is 30 miles away!

When we both first walked up to the first viewing point, we both took a "whoa" step is REALLY far down there.

I was just saying the night before that I didn't know if I really wanted to drive out is about 2 hours away, but I am soooo glad we did. It would have been worth it from 2 DAYS away! We took lots of pictures, click on the picture below and it will bring the slideshow up in full screen

Yesterday, we left about 11 to get to Sedona in plenty of time to scout out where we needed to meet and to have some lunch.
The drive DOWN to Sedona was absolutely fantastic, beautiful, twisty, drop offs, hairpin turns...Sean, you would not have liked it AT ALL. There were more than a few times I couldn't look and at least one where I was ready to jump right over to Dad's lap!! But, man, is it beautiful.

ok, here are the rest of the pictures from the drive down and the ATV Ride.

Tomorrow we travel to Albuquerque for one night and then on to Amarillo until Sun or Mon. We are going to spend a week in OKC at Tinker AFB FamCamp, so we can do some telephone work. OKC is a verizon 4g area, so we should have excellent connections.

Today on our way up to Flagstaff for groceries and gas we stopped at Fort Tuthill Luke AFB FamCamp and discovered we could have saved $20 a night if we had stayed there! Also ran into a couple in a motorhome that have been fulltiming for 10 years AND are from Eatonville Washington. Hank and Judy were so helpful. They were giving us all kinds of hints for fulltiming that we hadn't already heard about.

The biggest one is because Dave is 20% disabled from the army and receives disability pay we can get a Golden Access pass to use at all Federal parks, monuments, campgrounds. Would allow us to get in free to fee collection parks, like the $25 we paid to go to the Grand Canyon would have been free!! It would also allow us to get 50% off for camping at all federal campgrounds. We will get one at the very next federal park we come to!!

Today was also chore day. Clean the house, do the laundry, groceries and gas.
Check, check, check and check. We'll be all ready to go in the morning!

SHOUTOUT: To Hank and Judy! Thanks so much for the info and we do hope to run across you again on the road!

Good night!


  1. Your pictures are awesome!! I can't wait to see the Grand Canyon and Sedona with my own eyes! :)

  2. Doris and Dave,

    I don't know if you remember or not, but Jo and I live in the OKC area. Let us know if there is anything we can help you with. I'll send you an e-mail or private message on SOITC and give you my phone number and e-mail address.


  3. If you are in the Williams/Flagstaff area again you might want to consider Camp Navajo, a military campground near Williams, around $20 a night or so. We liked it a lot better than Tuthill.

  4. Marty and Roz, we had planned originally to stay at Camp Navajo, but it is closed. Apparently it was damaged in a tornado last October.


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