Saturday, May 7, 2011

Grand Canyon of Texas

A big HELLO from Texas!! We are in Canyon TX just outside of Amarillo. So named because it is just outside the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

We drove the 10 miles to get there, paid $10 to get in and then drove down into the canyon. Drove around the park, looked at all the camping areas and picnic areas, stopped and let the dogs have a break and then headed back out. Sounds like a pretty quick drive, but we wasted a very pleasant hour driving around the park.

Here's the slide show:

We drove aimlessly towards and around Amarillo for awhile. We stopped at a couple of stores...Walmart and Albertsons...I'm looking for Lipton Brisk Raspberry Tea. can't find it anywhere and now I'm out. When and if I do find it, I'm scarfing up at least 4 boxes! I've been having trouble with my Acid Reflux getting worse, so decided to quit drinking soda altogether....probably will be good for my weight too!! Hence the looking all over town for the tea!

We haven't done much of anything else...I did some bird watching first thing this morning.  Lots of Western Kingbirds around here.  Also HEARD some Orioles but couldn't locate them.

This evening Dave is watching the race and I'm on the computer....might watch a movie soon but might just play around on the computer for awhile. Of course, I'll have to do dishes first (read now)since we are trying to leave early tomorrow for OKC. It's supposed to be quite windy tomorrow afternoon and we want to try to miss most of it.

SHOUTOUT to new followers: Jerry and Carol of "Waggin Tails" , Donna aka Froggi of "2 Taking a 5th", Jessica of "Planning for RV days" and Terry and Jo from "Ignoring the Barking Dogs". Welcome to our Adventure!

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