Sunday, May 15, 2011

Storms and Work

Damn!  I wrote this earlier in the week and I guess I forgot to publish it, sooooo, with a few adjustments, here it is.

Well, here we are back in Tornado Alley!   Damn!  Thought I wouldn't be back here for awhile, but here we are.

We are at the FamCamp at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma City and will be here until tomorrow (Monday May 16th).  At least that is when we paid to, so we'll see.

Our spot

This is the view out our desk window

 And from our front door looking towards the street

Very green and pretty here.  No trees in the actual spots you park, but it is fairly newly remodeled and they have planted trees.  The hosts and our neighbors are all very nice.  Their is a storm shelter here, so I'm OK for now.

We are in Oklahoma City for a week because the company we work for has a big ticket promotion for one of our customers and it's "all hands on deck".  We are working on the computer answering emails yesterday and today and will probably be on phones tomorrow as that is when the ticket sales for the general public go on sale.

I don't think I really ever said what it is we do for work.  We work for a company that does  ticketing software/hardware for mostly outdoor music festivals.  We travel from festival to festival helping setup equipment, training the festival staff how to use the scanning equipment, customer service, and help tear down the equipment after the festival.

We have 7 festivals we will be working at this year and in between them we work on our computers answering emails and answering the phone at elevate.  Our first festival was the Country Thunder in Florence AZ.  The Elevate office is in Phoenix, so we were able to visit there and receive our initial training and meet most of the staff.  They are all very nice and easy to get along with...we love working with them!

Our next festival is Nebraskaland Days in North Platte NE.  We have to be there by June 13th and work through the 19th.  Then on June 20th, we travel back down to Manhattan, KS to work at the Country Stampede until June 27th.

We will be in Kansas earlier than that since all our kids and grandkids are in that area and we will stay to visit after Country Stampede for a little while too..whoo hoo!

Next festival after that is Country Thunder in Twin Lakes WI on July 21st to the 24th.  After that we need to make a side trip to the DRV Mobile Suites factory in Howe Indiana to get some things fixed on "the house".  Just some minor stuff, but we have been trying to get them fixed since last year and for some reasons the dealers we went to just don't get how customer service works.  Those are stories for another time.

Anyway, after that we are headed to Country Jam in Grand Junction CO at the end of August and then the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque Oct 1st.

Friday after work, we went over to the BX and bought ourselves Bicycles!  Once we got the tires inflated properly and the seats adjusted we took a "short" ride.  There is a walking/running/bike path that goes through the RV park so we started out.  Ended up going farther than we had intended, mostly because we weren't familiar with the trail, so 45 minutes later we finally made it back to the house.  Whew!  More exercise than I've down in quite a while!  But, don't worry, we'll work our way up to going as far as we want soon.

Later that night I was sicker than a dog....I think it was something I ate, but still not sure what.  It only lasted that evening, I was fine in the morning, so I am suspecting food poisoning from a can of beefaroni I had for lunch.....That will be the last time I eat that stuff!

Today is Dave's Birthday!!  We are going sightseeing in Oklahoma City with plans to at least see the Oklahoma Bombing Memorial and then we will just wing it.  Going out to dinner, but don't know where will be Dave's choice of course!

Okay, now you know.  Not much else to report.  We are working, walking, playing and just plain sitting around.  I'm enjoying it and I think Dave is finally starting to get used to it.  So until next time......

SHOUTOUT to:  Tim and Kathy....SEE YA SOON!!

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