Friday, January 6, 2012

What day is it?

This is a commonly asked question in our new life.  One of us will invariably ask this question each day. A (very  nice) consequence of a life not on the clock.  No more 8 to 5 job with weekends to mark the time passing.  In fact my daughter asked me on the phone this morning "what are your plans for the weekend?"  I wanted to say "are you serious?"  But instead I merely commented that every day is the same for us, so no plans!

Dave said earlier that it was Friday and "you know what that means!"  (Ahem, get your mind back on the subject.) I had to think a minute and then realized that the company security guy would be coming through tonight.  That means I have to stay up late.  He came last weekend at 2am Saturday morning.  The chime going off scared me out of a very deep sleep!  But, I was up and out in less than 30 seconds!  Dave, God bless him, didn't hear a thing.  Thomas showing up on Friday threw me for a loop because he had been coming on Sunday night right around midnight.  Apparently they changed the guards schedules, so tonight I'll probably stay in my clothes and fall asleep in the chair.

We have a little Border Patrol sticky backed calendar hanging off the window frame in front of our desk and I look at it quite keep reminding myself what day it is of course.  One of those very handy little things people give you.

Another handy little thing is the 3 inch flashlight Thomas (the security guy. pay attention) gave me as a Christmas gift.  Until he handed it to me I didn't realize I needed it!  Our lights are on the opposite side of the gate then where the driver's side doors on the vehicles are, so when I'm standing over there it's hard to see my board with the shadow from the vehicle.  Voila!  Problem solved!

Back to "what day is it?"  I have taken to entering reminders on my phone for birthdays, anniversaries and anything else I need to remember associated with a day/date, with an alarm so I don't forget them.  Between that, my google reminders and facebook reminders if I forget one of them my friends and relations have every right to call me out!

We do a little better in the summer with that job as there are specific dates we have to be specific places.  But we still wonder what day of the week it is quite a bit.

With this winter gig we forget what day it is on both ends of the spectrum.  There are times when we are soooo busy we don't know where we left our heads and when we are soooo slow the time just drifts pleasantly along from one day into another.

We know it's Thursday when the ranch owner shows up and it's Sunday when he heads out.  If he skips a weekend, we're screwed! :)

OK, enough about the days.  Today I was practicing with my camera by taking pictures of the birds on the bird feeder.

I set it up around the other side of the gate fence.  I can still see it out my desk window, but I do have to use the binoculars sometimes to see what that bird is.  Most of them are LGB's or LBB's.   (Little Grey Birds and Little Brown Birds)   Sparrows mostly, but there are a couple of Cardinals that frequent it also.

You'll probably have to click on the picture to make it bigger in order to actually see the bird.

That's all the pictures for tonight.  They seem to be uploading slower than usual.

SHOUTOUT: to my DIL Jennifer, my grandgirls Destiny and Erica, Jennifer's friend Jenny and her daughter Abby.  They are spending a girls weekend in Kansas City for a dance competition.  Have fun girls!!


  1. OK, Doris.

    I've never been a birder, so I have no clue as to the names of almost all of the birds. However, since you so aptly named them in this post (LGB and LBB), I insist that you write a book giving YOUR names for them. That book might even help me.

  2. I had to chuckle at your bird feeder. When we first got here I wanted to get the topsy turvy tomato and strawberry planters to hang from the gazebo. I love fresh fruits & veggies. As I did some research on coyotes (since we have a lot of them around here) I found out they like to eat fruits and veggies. I've changed my mind about the topsy-turvy planters. That might be an open invitation for the coyotes to park themselves too close for my comfort :D

  3. We gave up on bird feeders after Fetus ate the ones in the trees, the feral pig chewed up the ones on the fence and the raccoons stole the ones on the poles. I'll just enjoy yours!
    By the way, it's Tuesday. I didn't know either... I just looked it up! ;)


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