Sunday, January 29, 2012

Visiting and Shopping

This will be a short post tonight.  I need to start posting more often again, so no time like the present to get started.

Friday I ran into Cotulla to pick up our mail.  Nothing very interesting in that.  Tax documents and statements mostly.  Picked up a prescription and stopped at the grocery store to pick up a few items and washed the dirt off of the truck.  That last one took me 30 minutes and still didn't get a lot of it off the undercarriage!  I wasn't crawling on that wet, muddy ground to get under there.

On the way out I went north on Johnson Road and stopped to visit Jack and Mary Neal, our closest gate guard neighbors.  Jack subbed for us one evening when the ranch owner invited us to dinner.  It was great to get out together, so a big THANKS to Jack and Mary.

Went another few miles down the road from them to drop in on John and Terry Duncan whose blog I have been reading.  They are temp sitting a gate for another Sitewatch team while they are on vacation.

Go on over and take a look at their blog.  John is an excellent writer and I have really enjoyed reading their adventures.  Just click on their name above.

Today Mary and I drove over to Uvalde to the BIG Walmart and also big HEB.  We both got much needed haircuts, looked around, bought a few things and headed over to HEB.  Stopped at Sonic for a cherry coke (for me) and a vanilla cherry coke (for Mary).  It was fabulous!  In my old life I had way too many Sonic trips in a week but haven't seen much of any in the last few months so that was a real treat!

On the way back we planned on stopping to see how Maury and Susie were doing.  They are friends of the Neals from way back and started working their first gate just 2 weeks ago.  Their gate is about 40 minutes away from us and a good middle stop from Uvalde to here.  Mary introduced me to them last week when she and I ran over to visit them.  They are still in the adjustment stage...still trying to get into their sleep routine.  Been there, done that and remember how rough it was.  Other than that they are doing great.  

Before we got there, we made a quick stop at another LOMA gate and introduced ourselves to Danny and Erma Bird.  They have also been at their gate since early November and like us have comfortably settled into the routine.  In fact, just a few days before, Erma drove down the rode and introduced herself to Maury and Susie.  AND, Danny and Erma introduced the people to gate guarding that introduced Jack and Mary to gate guarding.  This gate guarding world is small indeed.  Sorry, silly me didn't even think to take a picture.

We are making so many new friends here in the oil fields and along with the ones we are making at festivals our email world is growing and growing.

Well, I thought this was going to be pretty short, but turned out to be a little longer.  OK, I am off to bed.  Dave is leaving early in the morning for San Antonio to get the truck worked on.  That will be a post for tomorrow night.

SHOUTOUT:  To our grandkids; Destiny, EmmaRae, Erica, Jaxson and Jacob!  Along with your parents, I SURE do miss you!!!!!!

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  1. Really enjoyed your visit! It's really neat how gate guards, no matter who they work for, establish their own little social circle.


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