Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today is the First Day.....

of the rest of our lives!  

I know this is an overused quote, but it expresses so well how we are feeling on the first day of being jobless and starting the next phase of our lives!

I'm starting this blog with (hopefully) no expectations to keep at it everyday, but to inform our family and friends what we are up to and where we are.  So I hope you will come back by to check in once in a while.

We are SO excited to be on to the next phase of our life.....not retirement....but a new phase.  We will still be working and still need to, but will be doing it on the road with a job that we believe we will really enjoy.   The great thing about this lifestyle is we can live on 1/4 to 1/3 or what we used to make with the added bonus of traveling how we have always wanted.

For those that don't know, Dave's last day of work was Tuesday Mar 15th.  Mine was a few weeks ago.  We are now in the process of getting our 5er (5th wheel trailer) ready to go on the road after being in one place since last June.  This entails more than you think.

Making sure propane tanks are full and the water heater has a new anode are the kinds of things to expect, but we also have to go through all our storage space, closets and drawers before we leave.  Anything that we have not used the last year will be given away or trashed.  We figure if we didn't use it in a year, we don't need it.

We need to make sure EVERYTHING is in working order, that the tires are good to go and that we absolutely have everything we need for us and the dogs. And then.......

We can hit the road!  Target day is Friday, March 25th.  We need to be in Florence Arizona by March 30th.  Plenty of time to get there (6 days).  We will probably stay in Liberal Kansas the first night and then not sure the next night or two, but plan to spend at least a couple of days in the Flagstaff area.  Then on to Florence and our home for 30 days, Desert Gardens RV park.

A very nice looking place to stay for  awhile.  We will be working at the Country Thunder outdoor country music festival April 7th to the 10th and then we will do some sightseeing.

Until the next time .....

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