Saturday, March 26, 2011

A nice few travel days

We've had a nice few days....a little chilly still while we were in Kansas, but was 70 when we got to Santa Rosa NM today. 

It has just been nice to mosey on down the road instead of rushing to get there because we only have a scant few days to enjoy a trip.  This is SO much better.

Here is a shot of our view out the windshield in the Oklahoma Panhandle!  And they think Kansas is flat!!

Here is picture of the Campground we are at tonight

and one more of our spot...yes, not very attractive, but ok.

If they give that spot to the right, away, their door would open right into ours!  Yuck.

Ok, on to Gallup NM tomorrow....shouldn't take us's only 268 miles.   Glad to see I could add pictures to the blog and not blow it!!

Talk to ya later


To Tim and's a picture of a bounder that reminded us how much we miss you guys!  It was just behind us at the campground in Liberal KS last night.

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  1. So glad you are keeping us posted! Keep it up


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