Friday, March 25, 2011

And here we go.........

Even though we don't want our new life to include hurry up and go, I am definitely feeling the "hurry up" this morning.  We are both anxious to get this new life going and get on the road.

Babysat two of the grandkids last night and saying goodbye to them and to my daughter was a little hard.  Wasn't able to see the other family this week, but will skype this weekend, so hopefully that won't be as hard.
I talk to the youngest on the phone all the time, so this should be business as usual...just a little farther away than usual......hmmmmm.....check with me as we are driving away from town and neither of us will probably be so calm about it!

OK!  Here we go.....time to get in the shower, make some breakfast, get the last minute stuff done and get going!  

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