Saturday, July 7, 2012

And....Here we are.....

Parked on a city street in Lansing Michigan!  This is by far the least "it" campsite we have had to date.  Don't think I can even call it a campsite, really it's just a parking spot and in a bus zone at that!
But, it will still be an interesting spot. We are actually just on the other side of the backstage fence. We are in Lansing to work at the Common Ground Music Festival.  This is a long one for us, the longest being the Balloon Fiesta in Albuquerque.  This one is 7 days.  Each night has a different genre of music so should be interesting.  Click on the festival name to link to what it's all about.

We travelled two looonnnggg days to get here from Kansas.  Well, long for us.  About 400+ miles a day and after all that time closed up in 100+ heat it took the house quite awhile to cool off....yuck!

I started this post 4 hours ago.  At that time Kevin and Josh showed up with our credentials and a note from Jennifer (our contact here) that we would need to board the dogs.  She was even nice enough to do the research for us and the girls ended up at Lake Lansing Road Animal Clinic and Pet Resort. The staff are very nice and looks like they will be well taken care of for 10 days.  Not sure they will be talking to us when we pick them up, but they should be just fine.

I made a quick stop at Meier's grocery store and we headed out to lunch.  Now Dave is trying to get the Dish up and running...there's a race on tonight ya know.  I'm just hangin in the very cool house.  It's in the high 90's today but humidity is 58% and dew point is 71.  One hot mofo.  Cold front supposed to come in tonight and we will be back down in the 80's here and that will be quite a relief!

We at least have some trees here as we are on the edge of a city park.  Here's the view out our window by the door.
OK, I'm outta here for now....More later....I hope.  Sorry to be a stranger, I'll try to keep up this time!

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  1. Good to hear from you again. It's hot in Texas too...100F and humid. We did an 11K walk this morning in San Antonio. When we finished we saw a thermometer showing 92 degrees. At least we were along the Riverwalk for most of it so had some shade.

    Your music festival looks fun. Nice to be able to hear all those bands.

    Later in July we're off to Yellowstone and Mount Rushmore, then coming back to San Antone.

    Susan & Bob


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