Friday, March 30, 2012

This, That and The Other

I would say not much going on today, but I swept and mopped the floor, Dave vacuumed, we got the living area dusted and the desk cleaned off.  We got the laundry done, the dog blankets clean and Dave fueled the generator.  And of course we manned our gate.  

The sites have slowed down and we really only have oil tankers and flowback tankers coming in and those are only a few a day.  What keeps us busy at the gate the last few days is the pipeline people coming in every morning and leaving every evening.  Tomorrow more than several loads of pipe will be delivered, so we'll have a few additional vehicles.

The gate behind us and across the road from it are just about done.  Well, the actual construction of the gates is done and they are just finishing up the roads.  We were just wondering today if there will be gate guards stationed there before we leave.  The ranch across from us is getting the frac pond built and it is very close, so that's another thing to watch.  Not sure when they will build that gate or start the roads and pad over there.

See that A to Z blogger challenge box over there to the right?  I've joined it, so I will be blogging from A to Z for all of April except for Sundays.  Each day will be a different letter of the alphabet, starting with A on Sunday April 1st(the only Sunday) and so on.  I few participants I've read have their month planned out.  I've already decided what my A will be, but I have a feeling I will be winging it for the rest of the alphabet.

OK, I'm falling asleep over my's midnight and time for me to snooze in the chair before another tanker shows up.

Good night all!

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  1. Welcome to the A-to-Z Blogging Challenge! This is my first year and I flip flop from OHMYGOSHWHATHAVEIDONE to having great fun with it. :) Looking forward to your letters. :)


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