Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Gates

I don't know if I mentioned they are building 3 new gates near us.  One across the road, one next to it across the road and one next to us.  We're going to start calling this the "4 corners".  We have had much commotion next to us, which is on the back side of the 5er.  Since Saturday over 300 caliche trucks have come and gone.  With the road and two pads finished they can start the gates.  They delivered all the materials last week for the one behind us and the one across the road from it. And of course it has rained since then.  (I did survive the storm in the middle of the night Monday.  Thanks for asking.)  The gate builders showed up yesterday to work on the gates.  They started on the one right behind us.
Here is the pile of heavy hollow metal poles for the corners and the rails. 
(remember you can click on any picture to make it bigger)

They set the poles on these supports while they cut them
The guys dug 16 holes for each gate.  By hand. Why they didn't bring an auger we can only guess.  Here they have filled the hole with cement and are setting the pole.
HEY!  There's something in that pipe!
There is?  Where?
At this point they have all backed up from the pipe at least 20 ft.  I knew if I sat outside with my camera and waited it would eventually come out.  It did.
OK, how do I get out of here? 
Only way out is down. 
 Oh shit! Oh shit! Oh shit!

What amazes me is those guys picked up that pipe, set it on the supports, cut it with a welder, picked it up again, carried it to the hole, plopped it in the hole and not once did that little fellow make it's presence known!  If you get my drift.

When I first noticed it, I ran over to yell at them cuz I thought it might be a snake.  Definitely didn't expect a skunk!  All I can say is, I'm glad it all took place on the OTHER side of the fence.

Signing off from the Circle Y ranch.  25 days and a wake up!


  1. Hi,
    Thank. It makes me feel great when I read all these stories. It helps me from hopelessness and make me more stronger to fly… thank… for everything.

  2. This must be a first and only. It's a good thing you have pics to back up this tale.

    1. Bob. Are you saying I would tell a tale that is tall? Don't make me get out the snake pictures!

  3. Yoinks! What a surprise visitor! Glad you weren't too close. Never thought it would be Pepe LePew! We have some around here but have only noticed/seen them during the night hours, thank goodness! Do I see a post with directional signs on it like "Paris," Los Angeles," "NYC," etc. in the future of The 5 Corners? :)

    1. Hmmmm....Betty I hadn't thought of that, but what about something along the lines of Mash? I could start one with where we are from and then add to it for whoever shows up at the other 3 gates.....I'd love to come back next year and see what's been added!

  4. Love it! Yay for 25 days and a wake up! I miss my mommy and daddy. :)

  5. Loved the photos. Glad you were not too close.


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