Friday, February 10, 2012

Well, we asked for it!

Yeah, it's our own fault.  We've had a couple of very easy months.  Both of us sleeping at the same time at night.  Slowly puttering around the house.  Basically doing little or nothing.  A few vehicles a day and on some days none at all.  So we were just saying we really wish they would get going so we would have something to do.  We now have something to do. 24 hours again of something to do!
They have started the coil tubing at one site and then the other...about 7 days worth, then will be the flowback and then into production.
We are having a little difficulty getting used to the 24 hour gate sleep schedule again.  We were both pretty tired today after our first all nighter.  Once again Dave has 3 am to about 11 am.  I get up, get going and then he takes a nap.  He gets up and I take a nap, then an early dinner, shower for Dave and he's in bed by 7.  I while away the time between traffic unpausing the TV and surfing the Internet.  Good thing our Internet is slow...

Forecast is for far nothing here, which is fine with me.  Of course the percentage is higher tomorrow, so I'll guess we'll see.  I'm still not sure which I dislike more, the mud or the dust.

I'll probably start our taxes this week and am sure not looking forward to it.  I've been doing our taxes for years but with the added difficulty of contract work and the corresponding deductions it will probably take me even longer than usual.  Dave has learned to leave me alone during tax prep time and probably a good thing.

Here's a picture of a normal everyday chore that now takes place a little differently and a little less often.

We have heard about our summer job, although we haven't signed our contract yet.  We won't be starting until June, so we have decided to stay in the oilfields until April 15th.  We have an RV Rally we are attending in Kerrville, TX Apr 24th to the 29th and then we will head North to Kansas and hang out there until our first festival in Nebraska June 11th.  Our kids are more than happy to have us around for a few months and we are more than happy to see them and the grandkids!!  The plan is to come back to the oilfields in November after the last gig just like we did this year.  We are still discussing where we will park the house while we are there.  We usually stay in the state park just outside of town, but really don't want to shell out almost $20 a night for a non sewer sight, plus buy an annual pass for our truck.  There is a Corp park just around the corner that would only be $9.00 a night with Dave's America the Beautiful pass.  But as I said, we are still discussing it.
Sure do miss them all!

Went down to the Ranch owners to do laundry yesterday and only Tac and Toe were around all day.  I was getting a little worried because the smallest, Tic hadn't been around.  I was concerned he had gotten taken by a coyote or something, but by the end of the day he showed up looking for some attention.  He seemed just as glad to see me as I was relieved to see him.  I'll have to take my camera with next time to get a picture of them.  Haven't seen So around since the one night, thank goodness.  You may remember I mentioned him in my last post.  The black one with the white stripe down it's back!  Yep.  I figured since I already had Tic, Tac and Toe I'd christen him So.  So, don't come back!

Decided to name the horses too.  Mr. Ed and Mr. Ted.  Mr. Ed decided to chew on, pull out and toss the surveyor stick that was on his side of the fence.  The surveyors just staked them out about two weeks ago getting ready for the gate they will be putting there soon.  I wonder if he will do the same with the one they will surely replace it with?

OK, I'm done for now.  Got about 45 minutes til Dave gets up and then I'm off to bed.  I have 4 trucks coming and going all night bringing water and two of them should be showing up any minute.

Talk to ya soon!

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  1. LOVE That picture and so glad you guys are coming home for a while. I really enjoy hearing about your everyday life, I'm glad you guys are having a good time. And while I miss you very much, I'm very happy for you too.
    Love Adrienne


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