Saturday, February 18, 2012

Some Days Just Suck

Yes, we are living our dream.  Fulltiming in our RV and presently spending the Winter in South Texas but some days just suck.  Not because anything bad happens but because some days just suck.  Of course we have many less days that suck in this lifestyle than we did in our "work to pay the mortgage" lifestyle but none-the-less we still have them.

It's raining and when you live at the end of a 3 mile long red dirt road not only is it a sucky day but the mud literally sucks at your feet. It sucks trying to keep it out of the RV, it sucks trying to keep your clothes clean of it, it sucks trying to keep the dogs out of it and it sucks that more rain is yet to come.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with rain, especially to a state trying to get relief from a very long drought.  I am, after all, from Seattle.  We don't tan, we rust, as the saying goes.  Beautiful Summers, dreary Falls, dreary Winters and dreary Springs.  The Bumbershoot Festival is held in Seattle.  I can remember attending on sunny days as well as rainy days.  If you are ever in Seattle around Labor Day you should give it a go.

Anyway, back to some days just suck.  These rainy days really make us look forward to the sun coming out and the temperature picking up.  Which it is supposed to do tomorrow around mid day.  Of course there is another chance for rain Monday and Tuesday, but like Scarlett O'Hara, I'll think about that tomorrow.

The other sucks part is that I miss my kids.  I miss being involved in their everyday lives.  I miss my grand kids.  Ditto on their everyday lives.  This is something we took into account when we decided on this lifestyle and knew we would miss them.  Some days just suck more with missing them.  Most of the time we are busy living our dream and they are busy living their lives and all the busy things that go with work and raising kids, but there are days I stop to think about how much I miss them.  Today is one of those days.

I can't imagine living this life before computers and cell phones and instant transmission of messages and pictures.  Well...I guess I can, since I did.  But it seems just as hard.  We spent 3 years in Germany and letters from home were mighty precious.  I took lots of pictures and I'm sure my parents waited anxiously for the next batch to come in the mail.  I now understand how hard it was for them to not have their grandchildren growing before their eyes.

I'm sure that all of us living this nomad life all have these days, but life progresses and tomorrow will be good.  My bad moods never last for long and this one too will pass.  We are both enjoying this new stage of our lives and when we finally do get back to Kansas the reunion will be all the more sweet.

Can we all say "Hitch Itch"!


  1. I can so relate and all my kiddos and grandkids are right here in this state!

  2. I so agree with you about the kiddos. We use Skype to keep in touch, but it is not the same and the 1.5 year-old tries to take the computer and run with it to find Nana. The 5-year-old loses it because she misses us so much. We are trying to find out what day we are released from this job as we are going back home to Teague, TX for much needed time with our kiddow. Then we'll be back for another gate assignment. I know many people don't want to be here in the heat, but when you live in Texas, it's all hot. Doesn't matter where you are. Texas is hotter than blue blazes in the summer. Us Texans just learn to accept it. With the price of fuel going up and predicted to go sky high, we may just work this summer instead of traveling... at least for this year. Thank goodness our kiddos live in Texas!


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