Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, Part II

The 12th brought us our friends Cindy and Ernie from Kansas.
Cindy and Ernie

They were on their way to California to visit other good friends for about a month.  They stayed with us Mon and Tues night.  We went down to the strip to find a place for dinner, so we loaded up into the Caliber, valet parked at the MGM Grand and went looking for food.  The MGM apparently had a great buffet for $32 but Dave didn't want to pay that much, so we decided to head over to the Hard Rock Cafe and eat.  The food was ok, but we went mostly to say we ate there.  The music was loud, but most of it was 70's rock, so we enjoyed it.

After dinner we headed out to the strip to sightsee.  I wanted to see the fountain at the Bellagio and Cindy and I both wanted to look inside the hotel/casinos just to see.  I won't go through the whole night ... suffice it to say that by the time we went from one end of the strip to the other, I was NOT walking back to the MGM.  I hailed a cab at Treasure Island and "forced" them all to ride back with me. :)
All of us were worn out by the time we got back to the house.  I think it was after 11pm.

We slept in late the next morning...8 am...Cindy and Ernie even later...we gave them our bedroom and with the shades closed it stays pretty dark in there.  They woke up to the smell of coffee.  We decided to go to the breakfast buffet at the Cannery, but when we got there...about 11, we found out they only have a brunch on weekends, but the lunch buffet was open, so we ate lunch.  It was pretty good.  We then hung around and played some slots and decided we would come back for the 8pm bingo.

Ernie had never gotten his America the Beautiful pass, so Dave looked it up and there was a place in town he could purchase it, so off we went.
Found out while he was there that he could actually get the pass that disabled vets are eligible for and it was free instead of the $10 golden age pass.  Cindy got her golden age pass and then we were outta there.  The young lady that helped us was ex army and very friendly...she knew just how to handle Ernie and Dave and their rather "different" sense of humor.  It's always nice to find a woman that can give their shit right back to them :)).

On the way back we stopped at the Fremont Street Experience and visited the Harley shop there...Cindy bought some gifts there, but I won't say who for or what she bought as to not give away the surprise.  After that we tried to talk Dave and Ernie into dropping me and Cindy off at the Cannery while they went back and took a nap, but they decided not to, so we back to the Cannery and played some more slots...losers, all of us.  Then hung around for the Bingo...Dave was STARVING, so he had a piece of pizza while we waited.  Finally got into Bingo, bought our cards and scoped out a table.  I was a little too ambitious and got too many cards...should have stuck with the 6 cards like the guys...all too rushed for me....and....once again we were all losers!

Cindy and Ernie were leaving the next day, so we stayed up a little later sitting outside and talking....very nice.  The next morning it was time to see them off.  We hated that they couldn't stay longer and I think they hated it too.  Missed them as soon as they rounded the corner......

This brought us to the extra days we decided to stay in order to see our friends Sandy and Jessica.

We work with them at a couple of the festivals we work, so we were looking forward to seeing them outside of that arena.  They were staying with Beth while they were in Vegas, so we were happy we would get to see her again too.

We met Sandy and Jess Friday night at a Casino just outside of the strip.  They were late getting going, so we ended up meeting them in the bar.  We just sat and BS'd for 2 enjoyable hours and agreed to get together again before they left.  I think they stayed out pretty late, as when I called Beth about 10 am they were all still in bed. :)  We all made plans to meet at Beth's and just hang out, but decided when we got there that we would drive up to Mt. Charleston to a lodge there and have lunch.   Very beautiful place with lovely gardens just perfect for the wedding taking place right outside our window.  Just so happened that the groom was our waitresses ex-boyfriend....hmmmm....made for an interesting lunch.

After our rather long and enjoyable lunch we all headed back to Beth's.  We said our goodbye's....hugs and hopes to see each other soon and we headed for home.

Sunday morning we headed out to that brunch at The Cannery we missed earlier in the week. Monday and Tuesday we went through our "getting ready to travel" routine.....cleaning the dust out, laundry and putting assorted things in their travel places.  Wednesday we got ourselves going and left for Camp Navajo, AZ.

Here's some links for all the pictures on Picasa Web.  Enjoy!




Shoutout:  to Beth Mohr...sure had a great time in Vegas!  Loved spending time with you and see you in April for Country Thunder!


  1. Great pics!!!

  2. Such a lively city is Vegas...you can leave what Vegas owns but you can leave the best memories you share in Vegas.

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