Monday, October 24, 2011

Keeping my commitment...

Day 2
Okay, here is day 2 post of my 21 days to a new habit.

Dave is outside greasing the wheels something or other and checking the lug nuts.  I'm inside taking care of this and that.

We opened a new bank account with Wells Fargo so our paychecks from LOMA can be deposited.  We will then transfer money to our "real" bank or do an online deposit.  I love being able to do all my banking online!

We will be leaving tomorrow to work The Voodoo Experience festival in New Orleans.  Neither one of us has been to New Orleans before, but we didn't plan this trip very well to be able to do any sight seeing.  We will be staying at a KOA just west of town tomorrow night and moving to the festival grounds on Wednesday.  Start setting up that day and Thursday and then work from o dark thirty to way too late on Fri, Sat and Sunday.  We are leaving for San Antonio on Monday, so looks like we didn't plan any time to be able to explore.  I don't know what we were thinking!  Maybe dinner out on Tuesday or Wednesday.  Need to at least experience the food!!

I've been making a list of things I can post about.  Things that may be coming up in the blog - day to day stuff, a day in the life, finding things/services in a strange city, things I forgot to include about Vegas.  I'm still working on the list so I'm sure there will be more "interesting" things to come.  And of course I'll have to blog all about our new and unfamiliar winter job.

So, stay tuned for more!

SHOUTOUT: to my son Sean and my favorite daughter-in-law Jennifer - Happy belated Anniversary.  To daughter Adrienne and favorite son-in-law Jared - also Happy Anniversary and finally to my baby sister Liz - Happy 50th!!


  1. Congrats on 2 posts in a row! :) I did find it easier to keep up the posting once I got going, although I still skip work days pretty frequently.

  2. Great meeting you guys yesterday, hope you have a great trip today..

    Don Catoe (Doncat)

  3. Love you guys! I am looking forward to daily posts to keep doing it. Dang Liz is going to be 50? Uh oh lol

  4. Hi Jessica! I'm still reading your blog and enjoying. Thanks for the support!

    Don, It WAS nice chatting with you yesterday. Good luck with your trip to Florida!


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