Saturday, July 9, 2011

Where the hell have you been?

Welllllll, not far actually.  We are still in Manhattan KS, visiting with our friends, our kids and our grandkids.  We spent a week in North Platte NE working at the Nebraskaland Days Rodeo and then right away back here to work at Country Stampede.  Then the 4th of July 4-day weekend with Sean, Jennifer and the kids camping with us and Adrienne, Jared and the kids coming out for cookout and campfire s'mores!  We're so happy that Caitlin could also join us for the weekend!!

Not much to report really....just lots of visiting.  Had a good time at the rodeo in North Platte and met some really great people who work in the Nebraskaland days office.  Hi Becky and Doretta!!

The parade was fun and the rodeo was more than interesting...took a WHOLE bunch of pictures.  You can see them here and here.  A lot of the pictures in the rodeo are blurry...sorry..I'm still playing with settings for action pictures. And BECAUSE I was playing with settings, there are lots of them!  :)  Please try to enjoy anyway.

Found this woman particularly interesting...I had just never seen the combination with her muslim clothes and the western wear underneath.
And I watched this young man take about 10 minutes to get that tootsie roll unwrapped...

The most fun was watching all the little kids running and grabbing the candy....and then stuffing it in their mouths!

Back here for the Country Stampede and camping in vendor camping with Allen, Bryan, Johhny B and the rest of the gang.  It was great seeing everyone..Laurie, Butch and Joanne, Chris P, Sandy, Jessica, Barb, Tim and Kathy, Wayne, Chris R, Greg and Tricia , Moldy, Mark, Steve and Kathy, Cookie Gary, Jen, Jim B, Jena, Amanda, Lance, Brandon, Jessica, Margi, Beth, Dan and Eleanor, Preston and Diane, Pat C, Michelle, Todd B, and of course Liz and Gil!  Hope I didn't miss anyone!  Most of these people only see each other once or twice a year and when we do see each other it's hugs time.  Love it!

Here are just a few of the hardworking people that make sure the show goes on.  I won't name them to protect the innocent (?!)

We will see some of them when we go up to Wisconsin for Country Thunder, so that is an extra bonus of this lifestyle.

It was just weird for us this year kind of being on the outside as a contractor after spending 9 years working directly for the Stampede.  But at least we get to see everyone again.

Well, we are just taking it easy until we leave for Wisconsin on Friday.  We are stopping in Madison for a few days so that I can visit my friend Patty...I'm VERY excited about that!  Then on to Twin Lakes for Country Thunder.

It's going to be VERY hot here the next few days....102 with indexes of 110 to 115!  Good time to do "indoor" activities.   Our AC is keeping us cool in these hot temps and good thing or I would have to head north a little sooner!

Ok, enough for now.  I will try to keep up a little better in the future.....a month is WAY too long.

SHOUTOUT to "all the stampede family"...miss you all!

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