Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I forgot to post pictures of our camp spot at Covered Wagon RV park in Abilene, so here they are:

Ok, with that out of the way.....we moved on to Tuttle Creek State Park on Sunday.  We met Sean and the kids for breakfast at Joe Snufffy's on 3rd street.  Jennifer works there, so it was a good way to see the whole family AND get my Sunday morning breakfast!  It was supposed to be very hot that day, so we didn't want to wait too  late to leave.  We ended up getting out of there about 11 am for our long 45 minute drive to Tuttle Creek State Park.

We had a picnic to go to on the other side of the park, so I took time to make deviled eggs while Dave ran errands. Boy was it HOT out!

Monday found me going to lunch with Terry and Allison from my old job at the First Command office in Manhattan.  Dave was going over to help Ernie and Cindy move their 5er, so Terry came and picked me up.  After lunch I needed to go see a doctor.  I got stung by something around my ear on Saturday and my ear had started aching on Sunday, so thought I should have it looked at.  Infected bug bite and some antibiotic.  Monday was HOT!, so we got our running around done....Walgreens for drug pickup, Walmart for charcoal, shorts and another solar light, stopped at Country Stampede office and then back to the house.

After the flood last week, the Country Stampede office is smelling a little musty (a lot!)  I asked Adrienne if the building owner knew what he was going to do yet?  She said "I don't care, I have too much work to do!"  Their festival IS only 2 1/2 weeks away!

Last night we drove over to the other side of the pond and visited with Cindy and Ernie for awhile.  Sat outside and talked and just enjoyed their company.  Here is Ernie showing off his newest accessory

We packed it in about 9 when the bugs started biting, but sure enjoyed relaxing with them after not seeing them for 6 months!

Later this week I have lunch with my friend Jean....sure do miss her while we are traveling!

This morning finds us working (our usual morning routine) and catching up on internet stuff and blogging.  Here is the view out my two windows for work:

Yes, I know pretty rough.....

VERY Pretty!  Dave would like me to point out that his computer (the one on the right)  is showing that he IS working, where my does NOT!  (at least his screen is on work :)  )

Plans for today......maybe dinner out....maybe dinner on the grill....then granddaughter Emma's softball game at 6:30 tonight....and since today is the HOTTER part of the title, lets hope we don't all melt!

Tomorrow evening we have a couple coming over that want to be fulltimers in a few years and have lots of questions.  This is one of the things I love about this new life.....full timers, part timers, and some timers are such friendly people and most are willing to share their experiences.  Since we have benefited from others sharing with us we are more than happy to pass it on.  Every place we have stayed there have been people to stop and talk to, neighbors to compare experiences with and people to just plain enjoy talking to about anything.

I should add...that mostly Dave is the outgoing one, he will talk to anyone about anything, but I have been known to put my two cents worth in.

Here are the pictures of our latest camp site

Ok, I think I will go jump in the shower and get dressed.  LOVE working in my PJ's!!  Usually Dave handles the work while I make breakfast, clean up and then shower and dress....then I handle it while he showers and dresses.

Have a great day!

SHOUTOUT to our grandkids....Destiny, Erica and Jacob Arnold....we sure had a great time with you!!!

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