Thursday, July 10, 2014

Busy, Busy, Busy

I can't believe it has been since April when I last blogged!  Well, yeah, I can...that's me.  Anyway we have been quite busy.

Starting with Dr Appts at home and visiting with family and friends.  We've made some changes in the motorhome.  Removed a free standing table and added cabinets and table top, removed a chair and added a couch.  Added insulation and cedar walls to our bedroom closet, repairs were made and everything cleaned more thoroughly.  That all made May slip by quite quickly and festival season is fully on us.

We started at Burlington Steamboat Days as we did last year.  Left there June 16th and headed right back home to get started on Country Stampede.  This one is a little different as I still work for the Stampede while Dave works for the ticketing company.  I run the Camp Check In and start the Saturday before so by the end of the week I was exhausted.  We had to leave at noon on Sunday, June 29th in order to be in Varysburg NY for Jam in the Valley by Tuesday mid afternoon.

Most of our travels involve 250 to 300 miles a day and we had to do more like 600! Whew!  We were so tired at our first stop Sunday night I think an earthquake wouldn't have awakened us.

Jam in the Valley ended on Saturday night with a fantastic fireworks show and then we were off and running to Common Ground Music Festival in Lansing MI Sunday morning.  It was shorter to cut through Canada and reenter the States at Sarnia, but we ended up wasting the time we saved by spending almost 2 hours in line for the bridge toll and then in line for re-entry.  Besides that the view from the highway through that part of Canada was pretty boring.  Not a cow to be seen, no billboards to play the alphabet game and the towns and truck stops were removed way off the highway.  Most of the farm houses were also pretty far from the road.

That pretty much brings us up to date.  I am presently sitting at my new table typing this, listening to Justin Moore and the excited noise from the crowd.  We love this job and the travel that goes with it but with 4 more festivals to go before August 10th we will definitely need a vacation.  :)  And that will also include more changes on the motorhome and more Dr's appts.  We need a month of nothing I think.

More to come and some pictures but haven't had time to download them.  Sorry.

Talk to you soon.

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