Sunday, April 21, 2013

Outta Here!

Tonight is our last night in the oilfields surrounding Cotulla.  We have enjoyed our Winter here, met some new people, made some new friends.  Did some of that re-connecting with our good friends Mary and Jack.  We go our separate ways this summer but will see each other next Winter I'm sure.

Our new neighbors, Tim and Katy are terrific people and helped in our decision to trade in the 5er for a motorhome.  Thanks guys!

Also enjoyed the gate guard ladies lunch every other week.  Made some new friends there too and also met some fellow bloggers.

We are off to San Antonio until Friday.  We'll be cleaning the dust and dirt out of the motorhome as well as get the dirt and dust off the dogs.  A little shopping, one very nice dinner out, errands and seeing a few people.

Our good friends, Cindy and Ernie are meeting us at the RV park on Wednesday and then we are travelling together back to Kansas.  Spend a month with the kids and grandkids, visit with our friends, take care of Dr's appts and prepare to head out for our Festival season.

All you gate guards working through the careful out there.  All you other gate guards taking off for parts unknown for the careful out there also. May the roads be smooth and dry and your adventures all you hope them to be.

And to our kids.......HERE WE COME!!!


  1. Have fun and be safe.

  2. You two just pulled out and we miss you already. Thanks for the kind words, we will take care of your spot while you are away. Please be careful and have safe travels. You two were great neighbors out here in the field. You will be missed.
    Katie and Tim

    1. Thanks Katie! I was kind of misty eyed driving down Vesper :(
      We'll be safe as always. Take care and hope to see you soon!


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